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kristap - June 23

I got a craving today for Rootbeer and a Peperoni sandwich from subway.... I dont really like either... So I figured just for fun I'd all everyone what their strangest, most nasty etc. craving was.... I remember when My mom was pregnant with my little sister it was Ketchup, all the time.... and she had said with me it was reese's cups... So Just wondering??!??


KLT - June 23

So does it make me weird when I tell you I loooove ketchup...pregnant or not? I put ketchup on everything!! No crazy cravings for me though...but rootbeer does make the list as well as grilled cheese sandwiches...oh, and tomato soup with tabasco sauce. : )


Olivene - June 23

I started out craving tomatoes. I was eating so many of them. Then I had some bad ones and it killed it. I went through a sour apple phase, too. Now I can't get enough of ice cubes. I guess those aren't so weird, though.


Soontobemom - June 23

I have wanted ice cream eveyday. But I think it's because its hot outside. I seem to have different cravings of my fav foods every week, like pizza, chinese, french fries, I eat everything.. lol.


KLT - June 23

Ok...now i'm wanting french fries....its all your fault Soontobemom!!! :-P


kari15 - June 23

Ice is my major craving right now too...haha....but before ice i went through tacos and fruit.......


Tiffany814 - June 23

I'm craving everything from salads (I think its the salty dressings) to sour patch kids (and normally i dont really like sour things. Have any of you ladies ever heard that if you crave a certain food it means your having a boy/girl?


tndrlvn - June 23

hi all, i went through the pickle craving and ice cream cones for a few weeks, but all the way through i have craved ice cold water and cold fruit, i love my fruit, now i am into the spaceship popcylces......hhaha i had 4 just yesturday :-0, i think it is the cold crunch with flavour, my girlfriend went through the cravings of ice cubes, she went through bags of ice cubes during her pregnancy.


Tiffany814 - June 23

I never heard of the ice cravings before, thats cool- I also crave the fruit big time! I made my hubby go out lastnight and get me a watermellon! I cut it up and ate it...also love the red grapes! I'll make strawberry / banana smoothies too! lol


babymama06 - June 23

salt, i can't get enough salt..i keep telling myself no, you'll swell... and shrimp... i hate shrimp....


BIG RED - June 23

Well I craved some nasty stuff that I would NOT dream of touching or smelling for that matter now. I craved smoked oysters, sardines & milk with ice in it. YUK!!!!!!!!! I don't know why I did crave such weird things.


snugglybugglys - June 23

Okay this is truly disgusting....before I found out I was prego with my first baby, I was working at this place Schlotzsky's Deli, and I grabbed a handful of sourkrout (sp?) and sucked on it. I knew it was gross, but I just need to do it. I normally cannot stand that stuff! EWE!!! With this pregnancy I craved scrambled eggs...now it's bean burritos from Taco Smell. Guess I need the protein. :)


ro - June 23

For awhile there, I just had to have a Filet-o-Fish sandwich a couple of times a week and also any kind of fruit. I haven't thought of those fish burgers for a couple of weeks now, but hmmm, it sounds kinda good right now..


AshleyB - June 23

Hi, I'm 15wks along and I've been terribly sick throughout this whole pregnancy so far. I'm just now starting to feel better, so food is my best friend. I lost 18lbs so far, because I have been so sick. So now that i'm not, i'm having strong cravings. Right now its orange sherbet and nectarines or peaches. I've been eating a ton of that this week.


nanders - June 23

Hi I'm still waiting to see if i'm pg, but when I was in my teens I had an iron deficientcy and I craved ice 24/7. I was told by a specialist that it's a sign of low iron. so make sure you eat your dark green veggies ladies! LOL! Bye:)


CyndiG - June 23

I have craved Orange Juice and Cherry Coke....not together though! I can't get enough of either of them.


squished - June 24

Frozen popcicles, slurpees, jamba juice and anything breakfast....I LOVE! Oh yeah and those swiss cake rolls. I've eaten a box in like 4 days :)



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