Missed 3 Birth Control Pills Could I Be Pregnant

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Lisa - April 13

I missed 3 birth control pills in a row and had s_x during those 3 days I think missing the pills caused me to ovulate. I got my period on the 4th day and had it for a week. It has been 4 days since myperiod now and I have been feeling really tired, slight nausea kinda like having butterflies in your stomach 24/7, bloated, loss of appet_te and also I have woke up the past 2 days with a headache. Could I be pregnant? Or is it to early to tell? Or could it just be stress.


E - April 13

Which week of your pill pack did you miss? Either way, you could be pregnant but it is more likely in the first or second week of your pills, than the third.


Lisa - April 13

I finished my regular cycle on the 23rd, so it was during my first to 10 pills.


E - April 13

You should definitely stop taking the pills and take a test. I would contact a doctor for a sensitive blood pregnancy test, so you can safely start the pills again, if you are not pregnant. Otherwise, it may be a while before a home test will show a positive, if you are pregnant. Good luck:)


Lisa - April 13

Is it possible to get pregnant though, cause I had s_x and the next day got my period for 5 days. Cause say i did ovulate and an egg was released, being on my period wouldnt that kill the egg or keep it from getting fertilized?


E - April 13

You would be having breakthrough bleeding, not a period. It is totally possible to be pregnant even though you were bleeding. I would not consider what you had to be a true period. If you did ovulate while you were having s_x, the bleeding would not prevent a pregnancy.


Lisa - April 13

I'm just stressing so much about this and I don't know what to think. Is it to early to have signs of pregnancy? I just dont know if I can wait till my next period to find out. I dont have sore b___sts and usually that is one of the early signs. I'm 19 and this was my irresponsibility I'm just wondering if everything that is happening to my body could be all in my head and stress. And I'm embaressed to go see my doctor cause if the blood test came up negative i would feel like such an idiot


E - April 13

Your symptoms could easily be due to missing your pills. The symptoms of pregnancy and those of missing your pills are mostly the same. I have also missed pills and know this firsthand. Do not be embarra__sed about the doctor. They have seen everything and this is not a big deal. Wouldn't you rather put your mind at ease by knowing if you are pregnant?


Lisa - April 13

It would be at ease to find out that I'm not, but if I was I don't know what to think. I'll probably be just as a mess as I am now. Should I wait a week to take a pregnancy test? The last time I had s_x was on the 2nd is it to early for both an HPT and blood test?


Jena - April 13

yeah, i'd say it's almost 50/50 - your body has the same symptoms from missing pills as being pregnant. as for not having sore b___sts, however, i never did until i was over a month along. so that's not always a sure sign. call your doc and ask when you can take a test - i'm not sure how soon you can - good luck!!


vanessa - April 13

Lisa - Please don't feel "stupid" about going to the doctor and not being pregnant... that is what they are there for. Good luck to you.


Lisa - April 13

Also I'm pretty sure that I was ovulating, I looked up some information about how you can tell and it looked like I was. Also they do say when you miss a pill you could accidentally release an egg and I missed 3 pills. Do the amount of times I had s_x that week make a difference on my chances of being pregnant. Cause I believe at the beginning of the week before I missed the pills I had s_x 2 or 3 times, then on the day i missed my first pill i had s_x once, and the 3rd pill i missed i had s_x once again. does this increase my chances?


E - April 13

Lisa, to make you feel better about the ovulation - there is only a 25% chance of concieving if you have intercourse at your most fertile time. Just b/c you may have been ovulating does not mean you will be pregnant. Call the doc:)


Stephanie - May 30

I always start taking my Ortho Tri Cyclen on Sunday morning, but this month I started them late Monday (which I took 2). Which was last week. This week I missed my Sunday pill and Monday pill. I had s_x early Monday morning. Should I be worried about being pregnant?



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