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Melissa - November 22 2:11pm

I know most of the pregnancy signs/symptoms (headaches, nausea, vomiting, comstipation, gas, heartburn,missed period, etc..), but i was wondering if their are pregnancy signs that go overlooked or under-talked about. Pregnant moms-to-be Please help me with this. all input appreciated.

lilmama - November 22 6:01pm

slight cramps, stretching or pulling in the groin area, a small hard spot near the pubic line, tender b___sts, dizziness, very thirsty, frequent urination. Hope this helps!

Melissa - November 22 6:54pm

Thank you so much for you response. If there is anyone else who would like to input feel free

a - November 22 7:29pm

Im not sure if this is a sign, more than an inconvienence, but I remember when I didn't know I was pregnant (or expecting I was...before I found out) I remember certain s_x positions were uncomfortable. I recall suddenly positions that might have deep penitration and might touch the cervix sent me thru the roof. It hurt! I was really sesitive at first.

Melissa - November 23 10:50am

Thank you a for your response that is a good one.


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