Periodor Implantation Really Need Help

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G - September 30

I have a 4 yr old son & now i'm trying for my 2nd child. 2 weeks ago, i got few symptoms like frequent urine, feel tired & sleeps a lot, heartburn for abt 2 days, very light tender br___t. But all this symptoms are gone now. My last period was 28/Aug, it came 2 days early on 26/Sep. The 1st day was veryy HEAVY!! I can feel a big 'CLOT' flow thru below!! Same on the 2nd day, it becomes very light on 3rd day & ends. Now when i wipe after i urine, i got the light spotting found on tissue! Feel strange! This has never happen to me before! My normaly period sign is 1 day before it comes, i will feel slight cramp & next day it comes.(either regular on actual day or 1 day early). And my period normally is very light on 1st day, heavy on 2nd & it was last for 3-5 days. Wonder the 'bleeding' i had is my period or Implantation??...I took a test on 25/Sep, came out Negative (which is 1 day before 'Bleed'). Wonder shld i test again on this Sat (02/OCT) ? PLS HELP!!!!


Viv - September 30

Do you think it is possible that your bod decided this one was not off to a good start? It happens more often than folks realize. I hope it's not the case, but if so, it is usually for the best! By all means test again 10/02.


madison - September 30

i have take the depo provera shot twice. my doctor told me that i was supposta get my 3rd one on july 20th,, but i didnt (im not taking it anymore) i didint get my first period untill late aug. .. my first period lasted normal 7 days (but with killer cramps).. then a few days later me and my b/f had s_x.. i got my period again about3 days after that. that period ended on the 20th (sept) and then me an my b/f had s_x again on the 21st.. 5 days after i started spotting VERY lightly... it was light for about3 days and now is almost as heavy as my normal periods... could i be preg????... my b___bs are sore and veiny also ive been feeling nausios... could it be implantion spotting?!?... PLEASE ANSWER!!...thank you


madison - September 30

the bleeding im experincing is extreamly heavy now!.. i was thinking maybe it could be that i am pregnant and my body is getting rid of all the blood from when i should have had my periods while i was on dep?...could that be?



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