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kathie - February 3

me and my boyfriend met after a year and we had s_x just once? its been a month now since we had s_x he did wear a condom and did not c_m on my vigaina. i dont know what is wrong with me either im confused orr stressed but i am very scared can i be pregnant? i throw up sometimes at night after eating food my first period after having s_x was on time.. i dont know am i just stressing or is there chances? can please some one tell me after having s_x for just once what are the chances youll get pregnant and for how long do i have to be like thiss ? im very scared please help me


KM - February 3

If you had unprotected s_x, even once there is a chance. Especially if it was around the time you would have been ovulating.Count 14 days from the first day of your last period. If you had s_x around this time you have a good chance.You are probably just stressed. But you can be pregnant and still get what ressembles a normal period. Take a home test if you are still worrying.


trish - February 4

if the condom didnt break or slip off while you were having s_x. its not very likely at all you could be pregnant. i say that because no form of birth control is 100%. you also said that you had s_x only once and you have had period since then and it was on time so i dont think you are pregnant. stress, nerves and worrying can make you sick to your stomach. to be sure and make yourself feel better take an hpt.


k - February 11

I totally know how you feel. When I first starting having s_x I used to worry constantly that I was pregnant even though we used contraception. The worry is horrible but I'm sure you don't need to be, it sounds like you were very careful. By the way I never did get pregnant!!! (Am now but only after 4 months of trying!) Relax but be careful!


Ann - February 15

Im worrying about d same thing. i had my last period 9th-12th feb n it was very light but dats a rele short time 4 me cos i usually bleed heavily 4 about 7 days. i have just started takin d pill about a month and a half ago-is it a side affect or is there a chance i could b preg?? i 2 throw up and feel sick aftr eatin.quick response plz!!



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