Pregnancy Test Lighter Than The Day Before

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Erin K - January 4

Hi. I recently received a positive pregnancy test. I tested yesterday and this morning. When I tested this morning, it was a tiny bit lighter than the day before. I am really nervous because I suffered a m/c in April. Does this mean my hormone level is going down?


ChrissyJ - January 4

I did the same thing last week.I asked the nurse and she said that each test is different.I think you will be fine!Good luck and stay positive..


Erin K - January 4

Thanks so much Chrissy. I just told my husband that I really do not have the stomach for this! It is so nerve-wracking


Trish# - January 4

I did the same thing! Getting fertility treatment so had a blood test at 13dpo. It was positive and hcg was 101! Next labs were a week away and I cheated w/ a cheap ebay HPT. Test line was pretty dark. Next morning I did the same brand test and test line was a lot fainter and I freaked out!! I tried another brand it was more rea__suring. I went in for labs and my hcg was sky high!! So those tests just sucked and caused me unneccessary anxiety. I had plenty of hcg in me for it to register better. I had a chemical pg in Oct and was worried as hell (like you are). Just try to relax and not take any more tests. Good luck!


Erin K - January 4

I will try :) They are addictive though!.. I am not having any symptoms, so it is making it so much harder. Thanks for the support.



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