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Nat22 - April 30 10:40pm

Hi ladies... I recently found out that I am 6w pregnant and I work in a very large beauty salon ( hair and nails) and I was wondering if it is safe for my baby. I have read some things that say it is perfectly safe and other say that it causes birth defects... I am terrified. I cannot quit my job for money reasons but I don't want to hurt my baby....

Erynn21 - April 30 10:50pm

I'm a hairstylist and I have worked the whole time I've been pg and I'm 22 wks. There are lots of women who work in salons that have perfectly healthy babies. Do you work as a hairstylist, a nail tech, or a receptionist? Depending on what you do there are precautions you can take. I wear gloves for all chemical services, and try to get as much fresh air as possible. My sis in law was really freaked out about me working when I was about where you are at because she knew a hairstylist that had a m/c, but that can be from anything. Don't stress, just take some precautions for you and your baby, and good luck with your pregnancy.

pbj - May 1 9:23am

I agree...I was a hairstylist before I had my baby, now I stay at home. There were 3 hairstylists and 1 nail tech pregnant in our salon at the same time...we've all had healthy little girls. I agree, just take obvious precautions, always wear gloves around chemicals and if fumes start to bother you be sure to get fresh air. In my first trimester there was one certain color line that used to make me gag...actually through my whole pregnancy, it's funny cause I can't even smell it now.

SarahB - May 1 10:59pm

Im a hairstylist and I have worked thru out my whole pregnancy I am now 39 wks and 3 days and still working. I have been fine thru my whole pregnancy at work. My only concern would be the swelling from being on your legs and feet. I am fine while Im at work but by the time I get home my feet are huge. Also some of the chemicals made me nauseous in the beginning so take precautions with that. But I am sure youll be fine.

les22 - May 11 1:35pm

when i was training as abeauty therapist a girl in my cla__s was preg. she was advised to wear gloves and stay in well ventilated areas. i was told by doc to avoid chemicals and not to colour my hair incase my skin was more sensitive than usual. didnt tell me i would become allergic to my fav perfume tho !


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