Pregnant With Tubes Tied

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tantan10 - September 26

I had my tubed tied a year ago which was done when I had a c-section I've been having a period every month on time. I notice my stomach started to get alittle bigger around the end of july the beginning of aug but chalked it up to stress. Well here it is the end of sept and I look like I'm about 6 months pregnant and I feel like there is something kicking and moving mind you I still have my periods i didn't have any symptoms except being really tired and belly getting big. Am I pregnant or is there another medical reason why I would feel movement and kicking in my stomach?


tantan10 - September 28

Hi anyone have an opinion for me I took a hpt but it was negative I just had a period but I still feel the movement and kicking. I have an appointment but its not for another week. I don't think it could be an etopic pregnancy cause from what I understand I would be in a lot of pain and going by the last time I had intercourse it would put me at around 25 or 26 weeks and from what I read about etopics my tubes would have bursts long before now. Plz help!!!


Grandpa Viv - September 28

Correct, no way you could carry ectopic this long. Please do come back and tell the result of the doctor visit - this is a mystery that needs an outcome. hCG hormone peaks at the end of the first trimester and declines some thereafter. We have read of getting negative hpt until 14 weeks preg, so there are exceptions to the rules. Good Luck!


tantan10 - September 29

Well so far blood test came back neg I have an app to have a ultrasound in 2 days. If im not pregnant I wonder what it could be my doc eas puzzled. spasms maybe????



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