Pressure In Abdomen After Ovulation

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travissgrl06 - October 3

I just tested + three days ago for ovulation and took full advantage of it.... now i am one day past ovulation and i have some pressure... not really cramps right above my pubic line... and my back is uncomfortable. Anyone else have this happen to them? If so did you end up being preggers or no?


sarah21 - October 3

I had severe back pain before I knew I was pregnant and it lasted until I was 9 weeks pregnant. I didn't injure my back but I am still unsure if it was pregnancy related or not. I experienced some pain where you are describing in your abdomen, and it was off and on for a while. You may be experiencing implantation pain or something. Sorry I'm not more help. Baby juice to you!! And if you don't get a good answer here, try posting this on the first trimester board.



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