Really Embarrassed But Curious

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jenna - April 11

I have a very embarrassing question to ask but i wont know if i don't ask. SOOOOO!!! I have hard that c_m(sperm) is very healthy for your skin and should be used on your face to help clean and keep it smooth also helping your face keep it's youth. I've never tried it but have hard a lot about it is this just a myth made up by perverts. or does this really help your skin.


rb - April 11

i'm not sure, but i'm sure a lot of guys would probably say that so they can give facials - heheh, will ask around, who knows tho!


Donna - April 11

haha, ive never heard of it, but like rb said boys would say its a good facial, who knows u will have to look it up on the net!


Foxy - April 11

Lol! If this is true, how often do you have to "apply" it?


toes - April 11

if this is true, does it mean that guys are gonna hafta tattoo warning labels onto their p___s abt what to do if it gets in the eyes?


leslie - April 11

lol! its probably made up by guys!! As long as they dont come up with the idea that is a good mouth wash!!


Shannon - April 11

Hey, it is not good mouthwash? I need to go have a talk with my hubby then! :(


Donna - April 11

LOL, funny!


tiffani - April 11

I don't care if it made me look like Halle Berry, something about rubbing it all over my face really gives me the creeps. I'll stick with my Estee Lauder anti aging cream. I agree, a guy must have come up with this. :o)


X - April 11

It's supposed to be made of protein, actually. So, in that way it can be good. I wouldn't know what to do if it's left on overnight tho...and the smell...? Euww. *lol.


Milissa - April 11

O' lady's I needed A GOOD Laugh!!! hha hhee haha


~m~ - April 11

I'm with you tiffani! Ick! Yeah, I've heard that about it being a "good source" of protein. But as for my daily dose of protein, I think I'll stick with my Jiffy peanut b___ter! LOL


kim - April 11

Yes it's all very true I've tried it once but my friends have done this for years. there skin is very beautiful


lala - April 11

That is a total myth!


tara - April 11

WOW! sure it's harmful, and very healthy, and also full of protein some thing to Consider if proactive doesn't work I'll try anything to get rid of this acne


leya - April 11

what is my bf going to do bust in a cup (are you serious) I'm suppose to let his sperm swim on MY face AAAHHH!! what if one swims in my noise what would I have a buger. HELL NO !! you can have that.


callie - April 11

I don't know if that's true, but I'm not about to start rubbing jizz all over my face to find out. Also, this is a pregnancy forum. How the hell is that even relevant?



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