Splenda Ok When Pregnant

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LOA - January 27

I'm trying not to gain too much weight with the baby since I'm 36 and the weight will really be hard to get off. I was wonder is Splenda safe when preg? I drink lots of water but at meals i like to have something with some taste. I love sweet tea but I don't need those extra calories.


lou - January 27

Hi I'm sure if Splenda wasnt safe then there would have to be some warnings about it and I have never heard of anyone saying it it unsafe. If you look on the back of the jar there should be contact details for the manufacturer, why not give them a call? ok so you may feel a little strange asking them but better to be safe than sorry as they say :)


Bigbelly#2 - January 27

Found this on DrSpock.com..... Great question. Splenda has just recently started popping up in a host of different products. Here's what I uncovered when researching this new sweetener. Splenda is the brand name for sucralose, a modification of the regular sucrose (table sugar) molecule making it 600 times sweeter than sugar and not metabolized by the body. So it reaches your taste buds but not your bloodstream. The American Council on Science and Health, a non-profit consumer education consortium concerned with issues related to food, nutrition, chemicals, etc., has reviewed over 100 scientific articles about this new sweetener. They have not found anything that indicated any health risks--including reproductive risks. Of course, sometimes there are surprises when it comes to risks during pregnancy, since animal studies don't always reflect human risk, and there isn't a lot of research using pregnant women as the guinea pigs. All in all, it is reasonable to feel comfortable with using Splenda during pregnancy, with the caveat: everything in moderation. Take care!


ja - January 29

just be sure that it doesn't contain aspartame. aspartame isn't good for anybody and i'm sure that it is worse for a pregnant woman.



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