Swollen Painful Fingers First Thing In The Morning

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Lissi - June 16

Over the last 3 days, every time I've slept, I've woken up with very stiff, painful fingers. I have to exercise them for a while to get them moving again and the soreness wears off after an hour or so. They've been more swollen for the past couple of weeks. Someone suggested taking my wedding ring off, but it's too late for that. The only way it's coming off now is if they cut it off. Anyway, is anyone else having this problem? I don't know if it's pregnancy related or whether I just developed arthritis over night.


Sam - June 16

That is so weird that you should post this today. I woke up this morning with the same exact thing. My hands didn't even feel like mine! I called my mother and my MIL. My mom said it could be signs of something serious (she's convinced everything is a sign of something serious....) and my MIL said to drink extra water today and I should be fine. I'm going to call my doc just to be sure, but he doesn't open for another couple of hours. I'll let you know what he says.


Lissi - June 16

Thanks Sam. Hope It's not anything serious! :)


Lynn - June 16

My MIl told me when I was about 12 weeks pregnant that by the time I hit my third trimester I wouldn't be able to wear my wedding rings anymore... She siad be sure to take them off before they get stuck on there!


BBK - June 16

My wife has had this since about week 20. She thought she was the only one. One time she asked her Dr. and his answer was.... "well, that's strange". She asked him again a few weeks later and he said it's normal. I looked it up, and it's a normal pregnancy symptom.


Tracey - June 16

I had the exact same thing during the last half of my pregnancy. My doc said it's a combination of not drinking enough water, normal pregnanacy swelling and the decreased blood circulation that also normally occurs during pregnancy. It would take me a good hour or so to get them back to normal each morning. I don't think it's anything to worry about, but I would mention it to your doc at your next appt. just so he's aware.


Sam - June 16

Ok. I just got a hold of him (finally) and he said it's completely normal....to a point. He advised me to drink alot more water and keep an eye on it. According to him, "excessive" swelling accompanied by pain in the hands and feet that does not go away after a while could mean something more. He told me to not only watch my hands, but to watch my feet and calves, too. I guess just to be safe you should tell your doc. 90% chance your doc will tell you you're worrying for nothing, but might as well be safe....Hope this helps!


Lissi - June 16

Thanks Sam, and everyone else. Had no idea this was a symptom. I've been trying to find something about it in my books but they only mention swelling, not pain. Good to know it's normal anyway. Will tell my midwife at the next appointment to make sure I'm ok. Thanks. :)



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