Testing The Meconium For Illegal Drugs

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Curious1 - December 30

So will the meconium test positive for marijuana no matter whether you smoked in the beginning of the pregnancy and then stopped or are the chances for a positive test results higher when you stop smoking closer to the due date??


Steph - December 30

From what I am aware, the only time that babies/mothers are tested for any type of drug ingestion is if there is reason to beleive the mother was doing drugs while pregnant with the child. I'm pretty sure that if you smoked pot before you found out you were pregnant and then quit, you'd be fine.


rl - December 30

If you have your own insurance they usually do not test you/baby for drugs unless there is a reason they think you are using drugs such as certain birth related things and also if you are on medicaid they test for sure


hey - December 30

The chances for a positive result are the same to matter when you started or quit, UNLESS you smoked very very early in your pregnancy--like first trimester only. In that case you would probably pa__s a meconium test. I have seen some other people post here that some states test no matter what. I find this hard to believe because it is a violation of your rights. Despite that I know that SC was doing it but got into some trouble because they were targeting specific groups of people to test i.e. minorities. If you are not on public a__sistance you won't be drug tested unless your baby shows signs of withdrawal. There are no signs of withdrawal with marijuana use because it is not addictive. In fact there are some studies that show low to moderate use causes no harm in the fetus. Good Luck to you and don't worry so much.



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