Ultrasound Accuracy

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Kbz - August 21

I had a period 12/3 and then I was suppose to have my next period on 12/30 but instead i had some bleeding on 1/7 (don't remember how long it lasted or how normal it was) i tested positive on 2/12 because I was suppose to get my period on 2/5 according to my period calendar. They never gave me a dating scan just went off the bleeding I had 1/7. I didn't have an anatomy scan till June 9th at 21 weeks an I measured 21weeks 5 days. Is there anyway I could have conceived from sex 12/11-12/13 and the ultrasound measurements just BE OFF 4 or so weeks an the dr not able to notice a discrepancy an them thinking he was 21 weeks instead of actually being 24-25 weeks? I know the later you have an ultrasound the less accurate they are? Please share your knowledge cause I am not very educated in the conception, fetal growth or ultrasound department. 


Kbz - August 21

Not to mention I had horrific all day sickness for 2 months. Couldn't eat/drink anything an Hardley got off the couch. Literally just slept those 2 months away


Grandpa Viv - August 21

That ultrasound ties back to a period Jan8th, which is when you report a bleed. I think it quite unlikely that the scan was off by a whole month. Pregnancy would have resulted from sex in the Jan 15 thru 23rd window. 


Kbz - August 21

I had just been seeing that implantation bleeding can be mistaken for a period.. And that drs can't really tell if your baby is behind in growth or has symmetrical iugr unless you've had a dating scan. Which I didn't. And I didn't know if any of that could have made a difference or how bad my morning sickness was, if that could effect the fetal growth in any way. My fundal height has been right according to the PA. But I tried asking her why she goes from the top of the uterus all the way down to where my vagina starts. I thought she was suppose to do it at the hairline/bikini line? But she just shrugged off my question and told me she'd see me in 2 weeks.


Kbz - August 25




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