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Am_I_Ready - January 15

OK, I'm back with more info. Just to sum everything up from beginning to now. I stopped taking bc in April, all periods from then until Sept. were on time and pretty much normal. Octobers period was five days late and lasted a week, then Nov. period was on time and lastly Dec. period was five days late and only lasted two days, those two days was very heavy bleeding. A few days later I had a little spotting then nothing after that. Yesterday 1/14 I woke up having bad cramps and I went to the bathroom and wiped and there was a pinkish red blood, but it wasn't alot or a flow(just there). I've taken alot of hpt and they all were BFN's and I don't have a doctors appt. until the 25th. I need some advice to give me a peace of mind because I was told that it was possible that I had a miscarriage but how could that be if I never got a positive test?? PLEASE HELP


Am_I_Ready - January 15



rj_80 - January 15

Don't panic. I'm not a doctor but have had similar experiences as you have just outlined. I know that in my case I was just that bloody desperate to see a positive result that I wound myself up to 90! I have just had exactly the same bleeding as you in Dec and the cramps thing too. I don't think that I had a miscarraiage. I think that I'm just a bit all over the place at the moment. Worrying about it all will only compound the problem. What has made me see things in a bit more of a positive light is finding something to pee on that becomes positive! As crazy as that sounds try getting an ovulation test set. It's a bit expensive but following the instrustions last month and getting a positive result for something made me feel more normal, glad that something is going right and a positive result for something! Bliss! (Even if it's not a preg test!) Are you trying? Do you know when your fertile days are? Stay calm and wait to see what the doc says. It's stressful but you need to concentrate on something else. For me ovulation tests made me feel better! Odd lady that I am!!! Good luck.



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