Skylar - May 18

did anyone else have really weird vivid dreams as a sign that they were pregnant? because last night i had four dreams in a row, very short and extremely strange. i usually dont have dreams, and when i do i find it hard to remember after a couple hours.
just wondering, thanks!!


vanessa - May 18

i personally have always had and remembered my dreams. But since I've been pregnant - they are more vivid than ever. I wake up in a cold sweat some mornings. This has really just started in the last week... I am almost 9 weeks pregnant.


Carrie - May 18

Hi, Skylar. I have just started experiencing this and I'm not even sure if I'm pregnant. I hope I am, but I definately noticed a difference in my dreams this week (and I would only be about 1 week pregnant). I know everyone must think I'm nuts, but you can't really control your dreams, right?


Skylar - May 18

yeah, i would be about seven weeks i think, but i've been having negative testing, but still lots of symptoms. really freakin annoying i tell ya! i have huge blue veins all over my chest and down my stomach. ugh. sooo ugly this d__n negative testing is p__sin me off tho, grrrr...congrats vanessa and i hope all goes well with you carrie :)


me too - May 18

I had a dream last nite that I got a positive test not once but 3 times... freaked me out too.. not sure what it means tho


Jodie - May 19

My dreams have always been very weird and vivid, maybe its your brain going into overdrive because my partner has never remembered his dreams but lately has been having some very weird dreams



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