Why Don T Babies Drowned When In The Womb

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mzxbrownxeyez - June 9

I mean, they can breathe while in the womb, so wouldn't they drowned? I mean all they inhale is the fluid they're in. So why don't they drowned? Not saying I want them to, but it just came to my mind the other day..


oz - June 9

My understanding is that they get oxygen via the umbilical cord so they arent actually using the lungs to breath until after the birth.


Lynne - June 9

The lungs are one of the last things to develop. They get all their supplies from the mother via the cord. Then the lungs will not start to work until the umbilical cord is cut.


mandee25 - June 9

Good question!


clare - June 9

your baby learns how to breathe by breathing in fluid and pa__sing it as urine it doesnt take its first breath of air until its cord has been cut. i read it in a book.


nursej - June 12

babies don't drown in the womb b/c they don't breath. the get oxygen through the unbilical cord and the mother transfers it to them. not until their born do they actually take a breath.



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