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A - August 31 10:22am

My husband and I are pregnant with our first child. We were both happy at first, but now he has a horrible temper, especially with me. We have always been very close, but now he seems emotionally detached. I thought I was supposed to be the one with moodswings, is this normal?

chris - August 31 10:22am

my significant other is goingto be a first time dad also. I already have one other child. I have noticed that the man tries to take on the world

Stressed Man - October 15 10:51am

Why yes - I think we do have mood swings. I know in my case I went from a very loving relationship with my wife to a "do not touch me" with her very quickly. It was a shock to me and it weighed heavily on my heart. So after a few weeks of limited physical contact, little conversation (she was very tired most of the time), and general irritability, I noticed I was getting ticked off with the slightest of things. So yes, I think we do go through mood swings but I think ours are from the lack of companionship that we were used to before pregnancy.

TGS - November 5 4:11pm

I don't know if it is normal, but my husband & I have the same problem. The closer it gets to the due date the worse he gets, you would think he was pregnant instead of me.

Tracey - November 16 1:50pm

I think it is very normal for men to have certain mood swings during pregnancy. I think women sometimes forget that their husband's life has been completely turned upside town as well. The guys have just as much stuff to worry about as a women during pregnancy. While a women's mood swings are mostly due to hormones, the guy's mood swings are a combination of the huge change in his wife, the new responsibility he is going to face, the anticipation, the financial burdon and so on. Pregnancy is a big adjustment for everyone.

Dave - January 20 5:55pm

I think this comes from some kind of weird perceived compet_tion. The guy feels like the wife is spending more energy on thinking and doing things baby related instead of her attention being “focused” on hubby. I know I felt really weird for the first week or so, like I was yesterday’s news. I realized though that this was something that I needed to share with my wife, and since I came to this realization I’ve been emotionally “stable”.

Noonie - March 9 1:08pm

I think I'm pregnant, but he doesn't know yet. Will he show any signs of knowing that he got me pregnant or will he act in a certain way after a couple of days of having s_x?

Missy - August 9 6:21pm

This is the same with my husband. Sometimes I wonder if he's excited at all that I am having his baby. But I did finally talk to him about it and he told me I was the one who was moody. Maybe as pregnant ladies we don't realize how moody we are--because our reasons for being upset seem very rational to us. I don't think your pregnancy is giving him symptoms but perhaps the way you are acting is causing this reaction. And like with TGS, my husband is getting worse now that I am further along and close to my due date. He gets me so pist sometimes that I am not sure I want him in the room with me when the baby is born.


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