M8um Dont Like Hubby Protecting Me From Bashing Brother

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kristie - March 10

Hi to all the men and ladys that read this post. I need sum help. What do u do if your husband is fighting with your mum? My brother has always hit me and my sister as he has a bad temper and my mum always sticks up for him! He is 26 years old (my brother) and when i was 5 months pregnant strangled me till i couldnt breath and there has many accasions like this. See my husband and sister husband cant say a thing or my mum will step in and then our husband are the arsholes for sticking up for us. I love my husband to bits and today he said sumthing to my brother about threating to bash me and next thing i no my mum was on the door step defending my brother. What do i do? I wish my mum would let my brother defend his own after all if he can hit a lady then he get what is coming for him. PLZ HELP ANY ADVICE WOULD BE GREAT!


Nice family! - March 10

How old are you? Why don't you say something to your mother? It sounds like you need to break off all contact with your mom & your brother. People don't do this kind of c___p in healthy families!


Carol - March 10

So are you just going to wait until he hurts or kills your unborn child? YOU &/or your husband needs to call the Police if your brother ever puts his hands on (ANY of) you again. And then you need to file a__sault charges. (FYI it IS against the law to hit & strangle other people even if he does have a "bad temper". The jerk needs to spend some time in jail & get an att_tude adjustment if you ask me!) Why do you let your mother or your brother control you like that? No way in hell I'd put up with this kind of garbage!


kristie - March 10

Hi nice fanily and carol, Nice family i am 21 and i have said things to my mum about about what my brother does, anfter all the threats that my brother makes all they say is that my husband has no rights to threaten with the police. I dont care obout what my husband says to my brother i just wish my mum will keep out of all of this. Nice family are u male of female? What would both of you all do if you were in such a mess like this? Nice family, Not everyone has the perfect family and yes i no this kind of sruff doesnt go on win healthy family but there was realy no need to make that point!


Carol - March 10

Don't threaten with the Police ... you CALL THEM. Period.


Jbear - March 10

I think you need to distance yourself from the whole family. Call your mother and tell her that your brother cannot go on hitting you. It is totally unacceptable. If he hit another adult, who he was not related to, he would go to jail for a__sault. There's no reason he should be able to hit you just because you're related to him. Tell your mother that you will call the police the next time he does it, and you will press charges for a__sault. Tell her that your brother is a grown man, and since he's five years older than you, he's probably always been much bigger than you. It was your mother's job to protect you from him when you were growing up. It was her job to discipline him. She didn't do it...now she needs to quit defending him. If she gets angry enough to quit speaking to you for a while, it's not that big a loss, because she doesn't have your best interests at heart. And the next time your brother hits you, call the police. It has to stop. What happens when he decides he has the right to hit your child? Or when your child is older and sees your brother hitting you? What kind of message will that send? Another thing, don't let your husband get into a physical confrontation with either your mother or your brother...I bet you anything they wouldn't think twice before calling the police on him. If it's possible, you might even want to move further away from your relatives. I'm sorry you're going through this, and I think you probably always have, because you're more worried about your husband fighting with your mother than you are about the possiblility of your brother doing some serious damage to you or your unborn child. That makes me think your brother's probably been beating you up your entire life. Don't make excuses for him...a man with a bad temper will slam doors or yell...an abusive man will hit. For your child's sake, you need to resolve this...you can't let it go on the rest of your life.


Lisastar9 - March 10

I agree with Jbear on everything hope you take her words seriously to heart and follow throughwith calling the police.


... - March 11

When your brother strangles you it cuts off oxygen to the baby as well!!!


jg - March 15

What the....?? ARE YOUR BROTHER AND MOTHER INSANE??? Call the police!!! Avoid your crazy brother at all costs - you MUST protect yourself and your baby. Never EVER let your brother (or anyone else!) touch you - even if he threatens it, you need to call the police and take out an AVO. Who cares what your mother thinks of your husband for sticking up for you - it is his DUTY to protect you for goodness sake.



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