Pregnant Wife Is Mean Help

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kallywana - February 24

Men are too quick to say their wives are cranky during pregnancy. l am 5months pregnant with my 2nd child. l remeber very well when l told my husband that my friend is very sick because of pregnancy and it is her 2nd. l was shocked why my husband said, it is not a big deal because it is her 2nd. Sometimes we are pushed to be cranky from my experience. l sent some money to my husbands parents for xmas, his mum called that l should thanked her son that they got the money when l asked him, he said he is sorry, l demanded he correct the mistake but he never did. We agreed not to let it out too soon. To surprise he told his brother and when he tod me l lost cool, on top of that he also told his father. Is it asking for too much for my wishes to be respected? For 5 days now we have not been talking and l least l would be stressed less. We were dressed to go out and he asked me to change d shoes l wore and why l asked why he said because he said so. l got angry that l am not toddler to be spoken to like that. He insisted l change it or less l will not go out. (we are using our own car) l told him that l would wear boot then change to it when he got to the place. He said not. l finally changed it to another shoes and told him l was ready. He then asked me to bring the shoes he said l should not wear and l refused. He locked the house and collected my key and locked me up. The baked food l made for sale could not be sold and l got so angry. Do l need all these stresss? The next day instead talking about what happened, he tried too woo me back by calling me pet names and some physical touch. l boldly asked to stop that l do not have anything aganist him. But he insisted. l have to leave for the kitchen an he still followed me to force me to accept without saying sorry for locking me up l got so mad that l surprised him with a slap and since then till today, we are now strangers. l am the one suffering the previous pain on previous C-section, the heartburn and sleeplessness. l still wake up everyday make his breakfast and lunch he takes to work and all the household chores and my toddler. According to him l am the one pregnant not him. He is great in some in his peculiar way but l do not need any criticisms and stress.


JamesM75 - March 26

If you are reading this thread and you are out of ideas I suggest your research personality disorders., and are support sites. The woman carrying your child may not have a personality disorder or she might. I wish I had known this when I first posted on this site.


dekraytom - November 20

I got it .It's pretty easy to understand. Thanks.


RochRx7 - March 10

dude.. this is our second pregnancy.. she's 17 weeks TODAY.. and it has been a total nightmare. she was amazing the first pregnancy.. but this one.. oh Lawd.. this one. I don't know if I'm going to make it. I'm constantly punching my face (in my mind) and hers along with it (in my mind) .. I thought I was use to getting yelled out since my tolerance is high (I deal with escalations and clients all the time) but when it comes from her, and she KNOWS my b___tons. I can't take more than one shot from her before I lose it. I need prayers.. pray for me.. I don't have anyone to talk to cause when we argue she tells everyone her side (and that drives me nuts) becauses she's hormonal.. but I just end up looking like the douchebag. ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhh


Molon Labe - May 21

Look, I don't accept the apologetic tone there seems to be about this. For YEARS she nagged and nagged about me giving her a baby, and when I finally do she treats me like absolute garbage and not only puts me in danger, but the child and herself to. The road rage is just mad! I have never seen or heard anything like it, she just screams and completely loses it in traffic and takes dangerous risks, not looking and just going as if she was alone on the roads. Because of this I always offer to drive, but then she screams in anger just as much plus treats the trip like a therapy session where she thinks she can just babble on and on endlessly without me ever losing my concentration which is unacceptably dangerous. And if I focus on the driving instead of her relentless, pointless and endless babbling, then I am selfish and don't "respect her emotions". Just now she completely exploded out of nowhere and there was about 30 things that was wrong with me and she just barely kept herself from beating the s**t out of me. This apologetic tone like "Oh we can't help it" etc is just not acceptable. Violence and danger are just not acceptable to me. If I ever feel angry or "hormonal" I am made out to be a chauvenistic pig who "loves violence by nature", and I am made to carry the entire world's oppression of women on my shoulders. And if, God forbid, my hormonal system actually works the way nature intended and I feel in the mood, well then I have a one-track mind. And if I ever turn her advances down, then I obviously don't love her. All this mental and physical abuse just has to stop! Having a child is supposed to be a good experience but I can't take this any more. If I wanted to live with a psychopath I'd find myself a teenage, vegan, feminist-communist chick with daddy-issues. PS. Talking doesn't solve s**t!! It just makes your ears bleed. DS.


Molon Labe - May 21

java: Thanks for caring. It's like I don't know this person. I stay away from home as long as possible during the days, and when she's asleep I come out to sit under the stars for a while. For some peace and quiet. I would never hurt her. But I'm the kind of man to stand my ground come hell or high water. But it probably would be safer for everyone if I'm not around as much. We actually missed the tour of the hospital where she will be delivering. Why? Because I had left a cardboard box on the floor of my home office. That didn't belong there. And that made her insane. That some people in this thread call it 'cranky' is like spit in the face. This had better be the most awesome kid in the world.


E457 - August 23

right there with ya, its terrible


tj2516 - May 25

I have been mean since I've been pregnant but I feel so terrible about it afterwards and apologize to my fiance. I guess my hormones and pregnancy have caused me so much distress that I have outbursts and can't filter my ANYWAY, we were shopping at home depot one day when I was about 13 or so weeks along and we were getting new flooring for our room and as we were walking across the crosswalk to the car in the parking lot, this d***** bag in his fancy convertible, top down and all couldn't stand to wait on us to walk by after he let two other couples go so he proceeds to try and go around us (pulling so close to the entrance doors where they display swings, etc. I thought he was going to hit the building and probably a few other people, including me & my fiance) so I immediately got mad and yelled, "You couldn't f****** wait?!" so loud he whipped his head and around and looked, didn't say a word, and drove off. Strike one...first outburst...3 or 4 odd months have gone by by and I have kept my mouth shut in public the best I could until recently but GAH we had to go out to one of the rowdiest events while I'm 4 months pregnant...NASCAR RACE. I hadn't slept but only a few hours a night for the past week and only got two hours the night before our 6 hour car ride across two states...not to mention we were coming home the night after the race and I had to be at work the following morning...GUYS: Pregnant women and no sleep=scary...I know and I apologize on behalf of all of us. Yall are some strong beings for putting up with us and even if we don't mention it out loud, we are SO glad you remain caring and stay by our side. Back to the story, here we are in the stands on Memorial Day before the race starts and the military is being mentioned and they are performing the gun salute and Taps..rowdy drunk guy is two rows behind us cussing up a storm and being so disrespectful. I hear his friends trying to tell him to calm down and be quiet and my blood is about to boil at this point...everyone else is quiet and attentive yet this guy is carrying on. I let it slide after telling my pregnant self to calm down then they go on to sing the national anthem...the song starts and this guy is still f*** this and f*** that yelling and rooting, no hand over heart or anything and I've turned around a few times at this point shaking my head...well he doesn't stop so out of nowhere I turned around and yelled, "SHUT THE F*** UP" strike two. I probably almost caused my bf a fight when the guy said F*** you back to me but I was thanked by a few people even though I felt embarr ed and the guy finally sat quiet while they finished. I probably looked up this forum and am posting this to try and justify my actions...I know I shouldn't have cussed and shouldn't be mean to people but I was so sleepy and cranky already. That being said, I feel bad about my outbursts and I'm going to try to be quiet and control myself more knowing that I embarr ed myself and fiancé too...but don't do that man. I never would have done anything like this before my pregnancy, I was always quiet and shy so any of the crazy moms to be like me, I feel your pain...and the guys putting up with us, I feel yours too. I'm sure my fiancé does too.


tj2516 - May 25

embarr ed**


Willandbaby22 - June 15

Nice to read the stories of people who are going through what I am, and sad to see the realization of some. My fiancé is 6 weeks and she already has 2 kids, witch are my step kids now, and the third one is really taking a toll. She is moody, but I would be too, she is cranky, and if I wasnt getting sleep and puking all day, I would be cranky too. I try to put myself in her shoes and ignore all the mean things she might say or do, and just know that I am doing all I can to make her happy. Because in the end, a baby will be here and a new chapter will begin. I hope others can have successfull outcomes, as well as I hope for my own, and I will be 100% optimistic and try and be the best husband for my future wife and our three kids.


TMs - August 11

Wow! What a relief, to realise that it might not really be a problem with me, that I do not care, I don't and will never know how to take care of a woman, am stupid and a m******f*****. That our once beautiful relationship is a mistake and over, she can believe bringing a child in this world with me as the father. And other really heart breaking words she uses.

what exactly do you do if you find yourself at the receiving end of such abuse(it is abuse no?) am not perfect but am doing all I can to make and keep her happy, because when you answer back to reason with her it's wood to the fire, and when you keep quiet and not respond it's gasoline. Anyone there to help please, man or woman view.




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