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kimberly - November 1 10:08am

My dd is formula fed and she takes a 4 ounce bottle about every 2 to 3 hours. But, lately she has been taking her 4 oz. and then about an hour later cries for more. So I tried to give her 6 ounce bottles and she gets to full and starts to spit up and gets very gassy. So I went back to 4 ounce bottles, but she just gets hungry again soon after. So, then I started giving her the 4 ounce bottle and a 2 ounce bottle a while later when she cries. Problem is she doesn't seem to get full after the 2 ounce bottle but if I make the scond bottle 4 ounces, then again she gets fussy and spits up like she ate to much. I am at loss about how much I should give her in each bottle. How often and how much did your 11 week old eat? I just though 8 ounces in a 2 hour period is a lot!

kimberly - November 2 10:56am

Sorry, I was rambling a bit in my question really is how much does your 11 week old eat at one feeding?

eclectic66 - November 3 4:52am

when my ds was 11 weeks he was eating 5.5 oz every 3 hours on the and now at 14 weeks he's eating 6 oz every 3 hrs.

javidsgirl - November 3 6:46am

kimberely talk to your doctor about putting rice cereal in her bottle i put 1 teaspoon per 4oz and it has mad a huge difference for mariam she was doing the samething as kyleigh

Hoping - November 3 9:18am

When my dd seemed like it was time to start increasing the amount she ate at one feeding I just started by adding a half of an ounce to her bottles then after a week or so I would add another half ounce. This worked for me because I wasn't waisting formula and she was getting full at one feeding without overfeeding her and making her sick.

kimberly - November 3 5:12pm

Thanks Girls! I think I might buy that formula made by Enfamil, called Enfamil AR. It is suppose to have rice starches in it to help thicken it up. Maybe she will feel fuller on it, I have coupons for it anyway.

eclectic66 - November 3 10:52pm

Kimberly- I had my ds on the Enfamil AR formula from 5 weeks until he was 10weeks. I had him on it bc he spit up a lot and it really did seems to help and yes, it did leave him fuller it seemed than regular formula. The only reason I took him off it was bc it was soooo expensive and I was going broke with how much he

TiffanyRae - November 4 1:40am

Hey Kimberly...Alex is the same way...he eats the same way....And now he wants nothing to do with my b___st. So this past week I have been feeding him strictly formula. I started the week at four ounces and everyday added just a little bit more half an ounce a day. By Thursday he was at six ounces and both yesterday and today (friday and saturday) he sucked down six ounces without any issues!! In other I am rambling....I just added a a little bit every day!! Good Luck!

TiffanyRae - November 4 1:40am

oh and now he is going four hours between feedings!! Yeah!!!! :P

kimberly - November 4 10:49am

Eclectic, Is the Enfamil AR a lot more expensive? I haven't looked at the price yet. I may not be able to do it. I couldn't afford to keep her on the Enfamil gentilease either. I tried Parents Choice Gentle but she didn't do good on it . I guess maybe I will try to just slowly increase her bottles and see if that works before buying the Ar formula. Thanks for all the advice girls!

rohan - November 9 3:15am

our little one got really ga__sy and constipated with Enfamil AR (thickened) despite having brastmilk half the time. so we are going back to Enfamil A+. You could add rice cereal to the regular formula- that way you are in control of how much to thicken the milk.

kmc11 - May 12 10:13pm

hi my daughter is 10 weeks old...i am posting her eating and sleep habits below....please tell me if they seem normal.....

wake up at 630am eats 5oz bottle
sleeps from 0930am to 1230pm eats 5oz bottle
sleeps from 140pm to 310pm
ate another bottle at 430pm
ate again at 730pm
went to bed at 830pm and will sleep til 6pm..

does this sound normal?? i just want her to be heaalthy


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