8 Month Year Old Not Sleeping

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debbie80 - April 11

My DD is almost 8 months old. She has never been a good sleeper from the begining....when I put her down, she tosses and turns for over 30 minutes before she can settle down and fall asleep...she still wakes up during the night and cries and cries....I finally started to let her cry it out...I felt awful but she ended up falling back to sleep 10 minutes later....any advice on what to do?? The last 8 months I have no slept very good and I feel if I do not get some rest..I am going to have a break down again!!!


clindholm - April 11

It sounds like you are doing it right by letting her cry it out. I am having the same problem but dh cannot listen to her cry so he goes & gets her & brings her to bed. I am so against this but he really cannot listen to her cry and I have to be up for work in the morning so I can't fight it too much. You stick with it & you'll be fine in a week or two,


Crystal83 - April 11

I don't know what it is but I have found with all 3 of my kids that at around 7-8months old they all of a sudden don't want to sleep. I think some of it has to do with teething pain and also my lo has been excited about learning to crawl and sit up on her own from laying down and tries to practise standing herself up in her crib so much that she does it in the middle of the night! lol. It's a phase that will eventually pa__s. Especially in a couple of months when they are finally able to understand you a little better when you tell them it is bed time and let them cry it out for a bit.


mlm056 - April 11

hi there, my ds did this as well at 8 mths.. up ever 30 mins. I was exhausted. Last week we went in for our 9mth dr. appt -- he asked how ds was sleeping -- I told him-- up every 30 minutes for his pacifier.. feed him 1-2 times around 11pm and 2am etc... dr said, "enough is enough'' - at 6 mths they can go through the night -- you must not go in -- or if you have to -- go in and just check him out -- don't speak, don't stroke his forehead --etc.. told me it would take 3-4 nights to break him -- guess what -- he was right! DS cried for about 2 minutes each time -- (4 times a night) -- after 3 nights... he sleeps 9pm to 7am -- its been wonderful to sleep! We put in a noise machine at the same time(not sure if it helps or not?)


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 11

My daughter is 7 months and she has never slept well either. We have done everything...feed her more solids, (well except CIO) baths before bed, wrapping and burping. EVERYTHING and she will not sleep longer then 3 hours. BUT she is up almost every hour to two hours. I am also pregnant again, 17w 4d...I have many crying moments at night which is probably worse for her. But I just breakdown at night. I get a little weird once 8 comes because I know its going to happen all over again. We co sleep and I want to put her in her crib but it gets so hard. I do something new and for a few days it works and then BAM she is back to waking up constantly. I swear it is insane. Try looking at my other post. I Need Some Sleep & Some Help, you will have to search it but the ladies gave a lot of advice on what to do, in fact I will search it and bump it up for you and maybe something they told me will help you...even though it didn't help me.


Nerdy_Girl_10242006 - April 11

Ok I bumped it up for you



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