9 Month Old Still Has Reflux

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gurinsa - March 25

Everyone said that she would grow out of it but it has been sooo long and she still throws up every day. She has been on similac alimentum since 8 weeks old. Should I be concerned that her esophogus is getting injured? I am so tired of cleaning up puke every day off of her and the couch and her toys, her bed, everything!! Anyone else? When will this end???


ginger6363 - March 26

I wonder the same thing. I have a 7 month old who still has reflux and is on meds. She pukes everyday, multiple times a day. It so very tiring for me and I am sure for her!


Melissa32179 - March 26

My dd(now 6) had GERD and he was on his meds until he was 2. After that we just had to watch very closely what he ate or drank (still do). My DD (7 months) also has GERD and she still throws up at least once everyday. Now that she is eatting finger foods I have to watch very closely what she eats. She is still on her meds...in fact they uped them the other day because her vomitting has become worse. It really sucks and I hate having to remember the meds and then feel guitly if I forget them (doesn't happen often but I still feel guilty). They say that when they start to crawl and pull up on things it agervates the GERD...because they are using new muscles in the esophogus area or when crawling right after eating the food/formula can sit in the esophogus area. That is why they waited until 2 to take DS off of his meds because he had walking down for a while and was no longer crawling. It is a long process...good luck and I hope I was able to answer any questions.


ginger6363 - March 26

hi melissa: I have a question for you: I've noticed my dd has "bad reactions" to certain types of baby food---bananas, chicken and veggies, green beans. It makes her tummy upset and causes her to toss and turn all night long. Do you think this could be related to the reflux/GERD or do you think it may be a separate issue?


Prego1 - March 26

Ginger: I have a 6 month old w. reflux and we skipped veggies because the ped. GI said that they are hard for refluxers and can aggravate. We're introducing fruits now very slowly. Try eliminating the veggies for now and give fruits. Pears and avocado are easier to digest. My DD is also eating oatmeal and rice cereal, I only add rice cereal to the evening bottle. What medication is your LO on? Mine is on Prevacid. Some foods definitely will make them very ga__sy and crampy. I tried sweet potatoes (veggie) on my DD and she was fussy and crying all day long and was refusing her bottle.


Prego1 - March 26

I forgot to ask, how do you put your LOs with reflux to sleep? Are they on their tummy or back? I read that tummy sleeping is better for reflux. I notice my DD will often flip over to sleep on her tummy.


gurinsa - March 26

Oh my gosh you guys. I never even thought about what foods might aggrevate her tummy. I have been giving her everything - veggies, fruits, snacks, crackers..oh now I think I need to be much more vigilant!! My daughter always starts on her back but moves to her tummy quickly and sleeps like that all night


ginger6363 - March 26

Prego, thanks for the good info! My pedi never metioned veggies are tougher for LO's with reflux. I am going to ask him now for sure. I definitely think it's the veggies and bananas that are aggravating my LO. ....she doesn't have this reaction to pears and applesauce. I wonder when she will be able to tolerate the veggies? Anyway, my LO is on Prevacid 2x a day. But still has bad bouts (when I give her aggravating food) she too cries and refuses a bottle on these bad days! My LO sleeps on her back mostly but recently has started turning over to her tummy. Gurinsa, don't sweat it---it's all a learning process!


Prego1 - March 27

Honestly my pediatrician was clueless about it but I told her at the last appt. that the pediatric GI said that veggies are harder to digest. Anyway, the pediatric GIs know more about these things. I agree, the bananas bothered my DD too. She was fine w/ pears. I haven't tried applesauce yet. To be honest w. you all I wish I don't have to do solids! She is fine w. the rice and oatmeal and now she's been fussy since starting solids. Arggg. It's a lot of trial and error definitely.


Melissa32179 - March 27

Ginger: Yes there are a LOT of foods that my daughter can not tolerate. To name a few: greenbeans..peas.(anything green really) sweet potatos are fine so are the bananna's. I guess it is easier for me because this is the second time I have gone through this. Funny though how different GI's say differnt things. Mine said to NEVER give rice in the bottle. Also another reason for the GAGGING and PUKING is that babies with sever Reflux or in our case GERD have a VERY VERY weak gag relex...which caused the vomitting. Different Textured foods cause her to vomitt almost instantly (ie...the baby meats) With my DS we stopped the baby foods by the time he was 9 months old because he could not handle the textures and moved right on to adult food (in small pieces) Ginger you could try that with your LO. As for the sleeping both of my children started sleeping on their tummies at a very young age(around 3 or 4 months..I know it freaked me out too) but that is what the doc said was best. They also Both had great neck control by that age (both sitting by 4 1/2 months) Having a baby with GERD is all about trial and error. And just when you think it is done...it starts all over. I always thought it could not get worse then what my son had...but I have meet others who have babies on feeding tubes because the vomitt everything up.


Melissa32179 - March 27

Oh and there is also a right way and a wrong way to give them there meds too. Most of you sound like you are on PRevacid. You should give it to them 30 minutes before they eat...on an empty stomach. Or for in the morning right when they wake up on an empty stomach.

Sorry if I sound like a know-it-all..I am just trying to help and like I said this is the SECOND time I have had to go through this.


ginger6363 - March 27

wow, thanks so much for your responses! I was wondering if it was just my baby who had these kind of reactions! melissa: when was your 1st able to tolerate veggies/meat? Just wondering how long this "issue" is gonna last...also, I had no idea there was a "right" way to give prevacid....thanks!!!


Prego1 - March 27

I do wait for 30 mins before I feed DD after giving Prevacid. I tried earlier than that before and she puked the whole bottle. Anyway, I was taking PPIs for 2 yrs so I remember that I had to wait to eat after taking it in the morning.
DD slept again on her tummy last night, she slept well and I'm not worried about her not breathing anymore. It's just my ped. kept telling me not to let her sleep like that but she is so mobile and I can't stop her. I put her on her back but she goes right to her tummy and sleeps that way. :-)
I think the older GI drs say to put rice in the bottle. I personally don't like doing it so now I only do the evening because she ends up laying flat on her crib, she slides off the wedge. I just thought it might help, not to mention it helps her sleep through the night.
Geez I do hope our next baby doesn't have reflux ! It's costing us a lot of money not to mention the stress that comes with it. I hope all our LOs outgrow this soon!


Melissa32179 - March 27

My son who is 6 still has problems with some foods...anything with tomato in it, spicy (he likes spicy foods but can't tolerate them) mexican, oh and CUCumbers...you would not think it but they are very acidic. Brocholi..cauloflower. that is just to mention a few. But to answer your question by the time he was 15 months old he was eating a wide variety of foods. Like I said his GI put him on 'adult" food at about 9/10 months because he could not handle the texture of the older (some 2's and most 3's) of the baby foods. Before the age of 1 they get most of their nutrition from formula or b___st milk. I would not even worry about giveing your LO the baby meats...there really is no nutrional reason for it. I would start her on table/finger foods. My DD (8 months) already does some table foods...not a lot but I am starting her on them now because I forsee having to do the same with her that I had to do with DS.
Also there is the BARF diet that I go back too when she has bad episodes of puking...the Bananna, apples, rice, and formula diet. I do that for a day or two then slowly bring the other foods back.
Acid Reflux really is a pain in the a__s (sorry) and unfortunaly it is genetic (so I have been told).


Melissa32179 - March 27

sorry about all the typos...I had a crabby baby on my lap....


name - March 29

dd outgrew it when she turned one. yes girl it is such a pain, ds has it and he's only 4 months so i've got a while to go, but it's gettin to the point that every time he vomits, i start to gag myself. i'm tired of chancing his clothes and mine as well a million times a day, the bed sheets, toys, ... i'm tired of smelling like vomit and and vomit stains all over me. i hate this. ds is seeing a specialist, he was on both prevacid and zantac twice a day but the doc took him off b/c it made it worse. ds is propped upright most of the day. i guess it's just something he'll have to outgrow. it seems to bother him when i feed him b/c he'll cry and buck, i think his esophogus is burning poor thing



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