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Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 2

Hey all! My almost 9 months took her first step yesterday. She has gotten to where she is cruising furniture really fast and she will let go and stand for up to 45 seconds at a time. Well yesterday she actually took a step. I was so proud of her.


Heidi - February 2

Oh Contrats! Like I posted above, it goes so fast! Emma still really isn't rolling over yet. She did at daycare once but it was a while ago and hasn't done it since. I keep waiting for the day she does though! Now you'll get your exercise in and chase her around!


Katie - February 2

Wow Stephanie -I know you must be sooo proud. She's an early walker (or is going to be) - just in time for spring. How fun!!


Dawn C - February 2

Congrats. WAY TO GO!!!!!


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 2

I dont know if she will actually walk early, she hasnt stepped anymore, it was just yesterday that she did, I probably made a bigger deal about it than it actually was! lol


Jadyns Mommy - February 2

Congrats!!! Jadyn isnt even crawling yet! Looks like you will be chasing her all over the house in no time, hehe


jg - February 2

There is no such thing as "making a bigger deal than it actually was" when it comes to baby development! Everything is worth celebrating in my book!! Contratulations, your daughter is obviously much loved by her proud mummy.


Eryn @ MN - February 2

Thats so fun! It's so exciting to see what they will do next.


The real Lissi - February 2

That's exciting! Well done Amaya! :)


desiree - February 2

WOW! That is something! Go Amaya!!!!


Shelly - February 2

Congrats,even with just 1 step it is a big deal!!!


Jbear - February 2

Oh, that's so exciting!


Mommy - February 2

Awwwe, congrats! Soon your big girl will be stealing your make-up and borrowing your clothes. They grow up so fast. :o)


Amayas Mommy AKA Stephanie - February 2

OMG dont even get me started on the makeup thing! lol I put my makeup on in the floor with a floor lenght mirror. She always comes and gets in my make up bag, gets the same powder brush and chews on it. THE SAME ONE!!! I can have it at the bottom of the bag and she will find it. The other day I left it in the bathroom and she came looking for it and when she didnt find it she threw the BIGGEST fit! lol Pretty funny...


Christy - February 3

Congrats Stephanie! How exciting for you guys. Now you will be officially chasing her for the next year or two! LOL!



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