Anyone S LO Taking Zantac For Reflux

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Bonnie - February 24

Yes, we used hypoallergenic thickeners. They are great, but pricey. Though mason still had bad gas due to the trapped air bubbles. But he had it so thick it was like honey. Anyway, I recommend Simply Thick ( Stay away from Thick It. That one has caused major b__w outs from everyone I know who has used it, lol.


Perl - February 24

DB: Yes, my ds wants to feed nonstop from about 1 to 4 am!! He takes about 5 minutes and falls asleep and then wakes up when he burps or spits up then we start the whole cycle over again--very frustrating. Are there special bottles or do I need to switch baby bottles for the formula with rice cereal? The bottle we used last night was alright but a bit too slow of a flow. I know I could have poked a hole in the nipple but I didn't. Is that what you all did--make the hole bigger on the nipple or buy another nipple for feeding the formula/b___stmilk with added rice cereal or thickeners? Bonnie thanks for the recommendation on the thickener.


eclipse - February 25

I made the hole bigger with a sterilized needle, and I also switched to oatmeal, which helped immensely. I've used the thickeners in another setting that Bonnie has mentioned, and one word of warning-they take a bit to thicken up, so add a little at a time, or the next thing you know you are mixing cement LOL. Did you find that out the hard way too, Bonnie? :P


AnytimeLittleone - February 25

Hey DB, yup, my dd has been on Zantac since 2 weeks of age. And just like Bonnie, Im a little miffed at the first two posts on this thread. Reflux can be BAD, really really BAD. Bonnie's son had it horribly bad, as did my daughter. It was to the point where at 2 weeks old, she would be awake for 22 hours straight, screaming, and then eventually pa__s out for 2 hours, and then the cycle would begin again. I noticed some improvement with the Zantac within a week, but after a month, she was a "normal baby" and started sleeping through the night.. smiling.. and doing other things that 6 week olds do. She is currently almost 7 months, and still needs the Zantac. She is on 3.5 mls twice a day. If we miss a dose, we pay for it with vommiting, wretching and irritability. I wish you the best of luck on your journey with GERD!


AnytimeLittleone - February 25

Oh, and my pedi advised against cereal. What we did do, is introduce veggies early, at 3 months. Because of this, dd is very progressed with her eating, shes now eating like an 8 month old, instead of a 6 month old. The solid food definately makes the reflux a little better, and then the Zantac seals the deal.


Bonnie - February 25

lol Eclipse. It depends on which thickener. Thick It would certainly tuen to cement. I always made that up in a container and out in the fridge. Simply Thick was nice though, it thickened immediately.......................................They make nipples made especially for thickened formula. it depends on how thick you make it. Mason's was very thick, like honey, so we used Y-cut nipples.


Perl - February 25

I'm glad I asked because I've never even heard of Y cut nipples. I hope they are not hard to find since I'll look for some today. If not, I'll do what Eclipse did with sterilized needle. *** You ladies are great and I'm so sorry we all have to go through this but it helps that most of you know what this frustration feels like. My MIL and some people I know keep telling me that at 4 months my ds "really should be sleeping through the night". They keep referring to my ds problem as "colic", I'm sure that's no fun either but I get tired of repeating myself and explaining the difference between colic and reflux and tired of defending my skills as a mother and why my ds wakes up so often during the night. At least I know there are some women like you who really truly understand what this is like.


DB - February 25

Well today has not been as good as yesterday. Poor dd spit up tons and has acid breath. She's barely slept either, and when she did sleep I layed her down flat 2 hours after she ate and she woke up w/ spit up screaming. Stupid me. I should've put her in her carseat.


Bonnie - February 25

Perl, y-cut nipple are fairly easy to find. I would also buy some fast flow nipples as well. Y cut nipples are made for very thick formula. And the thicker, the better generally for keeping it down. Mason's was so thick that it would not fit through the Dr. Brown resivoirs. It was almost like yogurt. If you go with a more nectar-liek consistency, than a fast flow might be better. I also think that if you go with a very thick formula, sometimes the Simply Thick is best for that because it takes a LOT of cereal to get it that thick which is tough on the tummy. It really just all depends. I also know what you mean about peopel not understanding what reflux is. It took my mother about 10 months to get it when she finally was here long enough to see it. :(..................DB, I am sorry to hear that. Reflux is often a 2 steps forward 1 step back sort of thing. Just when you think you have it, then a bad day comes a long. Give yourself about 3-5 days on the Zantac and if she isn't better, then go back. Try not to get too discouraged, it is not a problem easily sorted.


DB - February 25

Thanks Bonnie. We have her one month appointment on Thursday, so that will be exactly one week on the Zantac. My MIL's friend is a Pediatrician, so I wrote her an email to get her opinion on things. I haven't heard anything yet, but I'm interested to see what she has to say. Luckily dd fell asleep and has been out for 2 hours...praise God!!


Cat - February 26

My 15 mo son has reflux and is on Zantac. It took some time, but it does help. It didn't stop the 'fits' completely, but it did give him relief and they weren't as intense and didn't last as long. I think he's finally outgrowing it, although he's still a poor sleeper. I completely agree with Bonnie...well said!



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