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Mariefe - December 2 7:50pm

I just wanna ask, how could i get rid of the thickened milk which stays on baby's tongue? I have 1 month old baby girl and i see that shes getting more of this on her tongue now. It doesnt hurt her but it looks not so nice when she smiles.. Any idea? how do i get rid of it? thanks!

ImpatientMommy - December 2 8:05pm

My baby had the same thing around that age. I don't know why they get that but it goes away after awhile and I don't think there is anything you can do about it. Probably won't be too much longer...

ILoveMyFam - December 2 8:22pm

Sounds like thrush to me ( a yeast infection in the mouth ) might take her to get checked out because if it is thrush, they'll probably perscribe an antifungal med.

mjvdec01 - December 2 8:45pm

go buy a infant toothbush, you know the finger kind. you can get them in the baby isle at the grocery store, it comes in a package with infant tooth gel. Don't use the gel, just wet the soft rubber infant brush and use it on your finger to clean your little ones tongue. Very easy.

crrodgers - December 2 8:48pm

If it is thrush, it will also be on the inside of her cheeps and inner lips. My son just had it. They have an ointment for it. It's not thrush if it rubs off easily or just goes away. I would also try the infant toothbrush. Good Luck!

suze42 - December 2 10:11pm

That sounds like thrush to me also. My DD had it at about 1 mo also. You want to treat it b/c it is very contagious...and if you are BFing it can spread to your nipple and back and forth.
All it took for us was a antibiotic for 14 days.
Actually i didnt even finish the whole thing and it still got rid of it for her.
Also, if it goes untreated it will cause her mouth pain and affect her feeding.

madison - December 3 10:50am

my dd had the same thing around that age and like some others said, it just finally goes away on it's own. i know, it does look gross but there's really nothing you can do about it. is she formula fed? also, make sure it isn't thrush first but to me it doesn't sound like it if it's just on her tongue and she's eating and acting fine.

venus_in_scorpio - December 3 11:09am

get her checked for thrush -- if its not, i found putting moist gauze on my fingertip and wiping out baby's mouth helped a lot when she was that age. :)

Mariefe - December 4 9:09pm

Thank you ladies for your kind advise to my posted question. She has got thick white milk stain only on the base of her tongue. I dont think it is thrush as i can easily wipe it off with infant toothbrush you guys told me. . Thanks a lot for this! She has less of it on her tongue now. I think it will also go away completely after a while as Impatientmommy and Madison have mentioned.


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