Baby Snorting Is This Normal

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apr - September 3

My baby is 3 weeks old and snorts - sounds like he has a stuffed nose, and also sometimes I just wish I could tell him to give a little cough to clear out his throat. Is this normal because I am a first time mother and I have no idea...


San - September 3

Totally normal. My daughter has snorted since day1 (she's 11wks now). I think it's kinda cute...she gets it from her great grandma.


meme - September 3

I'm into the ideas of attachment parenting, & I was planning on "wearing" my son throughout his infancy. But it turned out that whenever I put him in a sling in any position or direction, he'd sound just like that... like he was congested & needing to clear his throat. His breathing sounded labored like this. So I never really got to do that. Even now (at 4 months), he sounds like that when he's sitting up.


Rabbits07 - September 3

My ds was like was especially noticeable when he was hungry for some reason. He would be rooting around, sucking on his thumb, and snorting for all he was worth......he reminded me of a little baby piglet :-)


emilysmommy - September 3

My 7 month old dd did that a lot as a newborn also. I was worried about it and looked it up in my infant book and it said it's completely normal. Even now she still does it sometimes. Her nose sounds so congested but nothing comes out with the aspirator. Very frustrating..


apr - September 4

thanx gals! I was actually told to try salt water and smear a bit inside his nostrils to clear it out, but all he does is sneeze, but nothing comes out. In any case, I feel better knowing that it's totally normal :)



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