Backward Facing Car Seats For Babys Over 30 Inches

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mommybabyboy21 - December 24

Ok my son is only 6 months old and 29 inches car seat says for children under 30 inches...I don't think he will only grow one inch in 6 months (I could dream cant I) anyways I do have a car seat for 22 pounds -80 pounds but its forward facing only....I really dont want to spend much money for a car seat that I am only going to use for 6 months...(I know I only used this one for 6 months but I still have the stroller so it works for me!!!) anyways I don't have much time on my hands right now so I am using you guys as my conumer product info...Is there a car seat that faces backwards but flips forward and can be used until he is at least 2 if not 4 or 6 since they have to be in car seats that long? Thank you so much for your help and input.


RLWilcox - December 24

Hi mommybabyboy21 I have the same problem. DH and I found some at Babies-r-us, Target and Walmart that are rear facing then as the baby gets older they turn around and become forward facing some even became booster seats....those were the more expensive ones. I hope this helps :)


excited2bemama - December 24

Yes there are carseats that can rear face upt o like 40-60 lbs and then forward face. You want your child to rear face as long as possbile because its safer. I know people that still have 2-3 year olds rear facing because Like I said its safer. -
I know this woman who is like a carseat expert... she did alot of research on carseats etc and she has both her kids in radian carseats.. and they are over 2 years old and still rear facing... I will go find what she told me on the carseats and post it for you.... BRB


excited2bemama - December 24

Originally Posted by BlessedbyGodx2
Being that you are the carseat expert... ) What carseat do you recommend once my lo outgrows her infant seat? I would like to keep her rearfacing for a while.

Here are my picks.

If money is not an object, ($200+) I prefer:

Britaxes (Marathon , Decathlon or Boulevard with true side impact protection). Britaxes are notoriously easy to install and work well with almost every vehicle...Expires 6 year from date of manufacture.

Sunshine Kids Radian65s: RF infant - 33 pounds, FF to 65 pounds.
Sunshine Kids Radian80s: RF infant - 33 pounds, FF to 80 pounds. HOWEVER, the harness height on the 65 and 80 are the same, and since most kids outgrow their seats in height before weight, the only time you'd get your money's worth on the Radian80 is if you have a short, stocky kiddo.
These seats are WONDERFUL if you will need to get three across in a vehicle one day, or just want to have enough extra space for adult pa__sengers. They are very narrow on the outside, but are the most roomy on the inside - offering more shoulder room than any other seat, so kids can comfortably grow into them. They are steel reinforced and have an 8 year expiry.

Recaro Como or Signo: Very impressive seats. RF infant - 35 pounds, FF to 70 pounds. The only thing I don't like about the Comos are the headwings - the Signos are spaced further apart and aren't so smooshy, but the Comos really are bulky. They are removable once the child is older, but not to be removed while the child is still using the bottom two harness slots (if I remember correctly). The Signos headwings, on the other hand, are not removable and offer the same true side impact protection the Britax Boulevard offers. Recaros have a 6 year expiry.

If you need something more affordable, then try:

Fisher-Price Safe Voyage Deluxe. Made by Britax, so it's the same seat as the Britax-quality seats, just lower end fabric on the cover.

Evenflo Triumph Advance. RF infant - 35 pounds, FF to 50 pounds. Infinite adjust harness so the harness is always at the child's shoulder level and side-adjust harness knobs. It is a comfy seat, easy to install, but takes up a lot of space because of it's wide shell.

Pretty much all other seats on the market only forward face to 40 pounds or until the child outgrows the harness I wouldn't recommend any of those just because you won't get the most for your money, and children at age 3.5/4 (when they "graduate" those seats) are not ready for boosters, regardless of what the law says, so you'll most likely just end up buying another 5 point harness carseat anyway.

I would IMHO avoid all 3-in-1 seats. They are outgrown in height too quickly, are not the "last seat you'll ever need" as they boast they are, and make lousy boosters.

That's all I can do right now - kids calling me


excited2bemama - December 24

Sorry- I know its a little hard to read as I cut and copied from another parenting forum... But this woman did the research for her own kids and these are the seats she recommends. when my lo outgrows her infant seat I am either getting the safe voyager seat or one of the radian seats. GL.. hope that info helps


excited2bemama - December 24

ooops- one more thing- RF rear facing- FF forward facing


mommybabyboy21 - December 24

thank you so much excited Looks like I have to save some money hopefully I can get another month or two out of this son is really tall too he is in the 95% for weight hight and head....I know he will be big...just not this big this fast. I am 6'2" but when I was 1 I was only 30 inches and 27 pounds so I went and did research while pregnant and bought the biggest infant seat on the market it says 30 inches and 30 pounds I think...I know it says 30 inches I forgot the I was hoping that this chair would last until he was a year oh well...


newbabyras - December 27

I was in the same boat when ds turned 6 months - he was way too heavy for the carrier - but love the stroller :) I bought the Evenflo Triumph Advance and love it. It's a lot cheaper than the Britax, and ds loves it - falls asleep instantly, and can see out the windows and stays occupied. This one is a convertible, so he can stay backwards for another couple months, then turn forward (for a couple years-I guess). The reviews I found were great. Good luck, it's expensive to keep buying seats...


Val - December 29

We got the Britax Marathon about 3 weeks ago for our (now) 7 month old. We really like it - it's easy to get him in and out, and he seems really comfortable in it. (We just drove from Oregon to southern Cal and back.) I know several other people with the Marathon and they all like it. We were going to get the Radian, but the car seat technician at the store where we purchased it recommended against it - said it was harder to install and takes up more room in rear-facing position (I have a Saturn, and it probably would have been encroaching on the space between the front seats.) When you are ready to buy the seat, I'd recommend going to a store where they have good customer service so you can talk with a technician and get the seat that works best for your car, and also have them install the seat for you the first time... it wasn't any more expensive for us than if we'd gone to BRU or purchased online. Good luck!



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