Cute Things Your Little Ones Do

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Melanie - January 31

Hey everyone! I was thinking that we could all share cute things that our babies do :o)! For example, i love it when i pick my little boy up after br___tfeeding and he does the cutest stretch (im sure you guys know what i mean) where he squishes up his face, stretches his arms way out, and arches his little back! SO CUTE Share some cutisms!


mommy716 - January 31

whenever my 6 month old sneezes he laughs, looks up at me and says dad! I think its the sweetest thing in then world! or when hes in his exersaucer he looks at me, smiles, and tries to run away


Sarahsmommy - January 31

When I talk to my baby in a funny voice she just looks at me and smiles, and I think it's the cutest thing. She's only been smiling for a couple weeks so I love every smile.


Eryn @ MN - January 31

I love when Ellie wakes up from a nap and sees me or her dad and gives the biggest smile. Who wakes up smiling!? And whenever our dog walks by her she will reach out and pet her then giggle. So CUTE!


Mommy - January 31

I like it when Zane tries to repeat things because he's just learning talking. I'll say I'm going to go now and he's say's I gone go go. And Logan dances now. I'll put on music and he will swing from side to side and lift one foot at a time or jump and shake his head. It's so sweet.


kris A. - January 31

Baby Wren is still so tiny - she is a real quiet baby but does a silly little fake cough to get attention. Now she smiles and "coughs" - especially when I am changing her diapers - she seems to enjoy having a naked little bum!


shaylanrae - January 31

melanie.. i know the stretch. mine goes a step further and sticks his chin wayyyyy out. i love after he sneezes, he coos... and something his dad thinks is so funny, but i think is so painful, is during b___stfeeding, he will pull his head back suddenly and stretch so far back that i pop out of his mouth... it hurts so bad, but his dad laughs every time. also when i talk to him, he just gets this amazingly confused look on his face... i love it


momma - January 31

earlier today right after my daughter soiled her briches she said uh-oh when I asked her whats the uh oh for she said uh oh again while I was changing her she was saying yayayayay the whole time


EmsMummy - January 31

My two year old daughter is quite a snitch ;o) I work part time and when my fiance picks me up she sits and tells me all the 'naughty' things he's done throughout the day. She was especially desperate to tell me the time he accidentally swore when tripping over the dog :o) Its so cute the way she tells it, but I suppose you have to be there!


Lillie E - February 1

haha, so my little boy today was b___stfeeding... and i was really full because my mom watched him for 4 hours and i didn't pump and while he's eating he pulls away and i spray him all over his face... he gave me that look like "what the hell are you doing?" i couldn't stop laughing!


LilMum - February 1

Yesterday I had the camcorder hooked up to the TV to show my mom the cute video of Mason (he's two months) squealing and cooing and when Mason saw himself on the tv, he started talking to it and cooing right back.. it was adorable! Oh ya, and about three weeks ago my two year old was getting over a cold and had a crusty booger hanging from his nose so I told him to hold still so I could get the booger off.. he kind of laughed then reached over and pretended to pick my nose then said "look mom, I got your boogie! I'm gunna eat it!!" then pretended to eat the invisible booger. I didn't know whether to laugh or gag.



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