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Erins Mom - January 2

My 3 week old just will not take his pacifier ~ no matter what. Any suggestions? Yes, we're br___tfeeding, but his latch is fine so I'm not worried about that...oh, and we've tried putting apple juice on the binky to sweeten it and see if he'll take it and he does for a second, but then that's it.


fitzerin - January 2

Not every baby likes a pacifier. Maybe he just doesn't want it. Think of it as a don't need to break him of that habit later.


Jilloh - January 2

DS hated a pacifier and never used it.....and then the flip side was we never had to break him from it either. Good Luck


ginger6363 - January 2

A: Try, try, try again. I had a colicky baby who had reflux and we tried seven different pacifiers (took 1.5 months) before we found the one she would take. For us the magic brand was MAM. The pacifer was the only relief we could get and we took it! Best!


Zeke - January 2

My only suggestion is to try different brands and keep offering it. We had that problem with dd. Magic brand for us was soothie.


AmberNicole - January 2

My ds would never take one, no matter what type. My dd took one in the hospital, and still takes the Soothie pacifier from the hospital. I have tried to see if she would take another type, and she doesn't care for anything else. She is also 3 weeks.


mommybabyboy21 - January 2

my son hated them I tried them all some babys just dont like them why do you want to hook your baby on something that you will have to break later?


tish212 - January 2

we gave alexa a pacifier since day 1 when we saw she had no latch problems...then we introduced a smaller softer pacifier and she perfers that much more I'd try new brands....and keep trying


kimberly - January 2

Jilloh, I can't help reading up on the women who are fixing to have thier babies! Have you not had yours yet? Sorry to put it like that but I was reading the Dec. thread last week and you were so ready. Good Luck! I am not sure why you need him to take a paci, but I do know it reduces the risk of sids and helps with gas and reflux. So if that is the reason for needing a paci, I would continue to try and like others said try all different brands. The Mam paci's are the only ones all my 3 would take. Unless there is a reason for needing him to take it I wouldn't push it. Some babies just don't like them.


ginger6363 - January 2

I agree that no paci is better, but sometimes that's all you have for your own sanity. My baby was diagonised with reflux (which in turn produced colic) at 2 months. Up to that point when she was put on medicine, there was nothing that we could do to calm her---she literally screamed for hours on end---no amount of rocking, patting, feeding, swinging, bouncing, etc would help. A paci was the only thing that would help her soothe. For that, I would do the paci all over a hundred times over---who cares if you have to break them later. If it means peace for your child, even temporiarly, it's worth it.


wantanotheraftertr - January 2

I had same prob with my DD now 13. We tryed different brands and found 1 that worked. I also had 1 that sucked her thumb so I understand the need for 1. Plus if your bfing then you certianly don't want to be the paci! Good luck and just keep trying other kinds!


excited2bemama - January 2

Try again - liek someone mentioned,,, just keep trying and try different kinds... I kept at it because I wanted dd to take one- She is 7 months now and isn;t attached to it at all.. but let me tell you.. in the car, at church, and in the middle of the night its a lifesaver!!!


Jilloh - January 2

kimberly...I am still pregnant at this very hour on this very day. I am so ready!!!!!!! Back to the pacifier I also agree with the other moms try different ones....soothie, MAM, Nuk, gerber, evenflo.....there are so many options.


GloriaD - January 3

Try until you can't try anymore! I have 3 kids, the first one took a MAM no problem. The second one didn't like any of them and so we just figured like some others said that it would be something we wouldn't have to kick later. Bad move! She's 5 and still sucks her thumb, and that's hard to take away! She doesn't do it except for in her sleep. With the third baby who is 4 months i bought them all and just kept popping it back in her mouth until she finally took it. Its easier to break a binky than a thumb! GL!


cubbie - January 3

My older dd never took a paci I didn't push it when I saw she didn't like it. My younger dd would take it just to go to sleep and gave it up when she was almost 4 months. Hang in there the need to constantly suckle does get less and less and goes away by the time they're 3-4 months, so although now is tough it will get easier!


tynadu - January 3

Why are you trying to give it to him? Is he crying a lot? I would not force it on him if he don't want it.


another Karen - January 3

In the toddler care topic there is a Mum trying to break the habit. It's weird to come from there to this question. My dd didn't take one. I didn't want her to have one but my MIL bought a couple and dh gave them a go. I could see the point and am led to believe they can cause bucked teeth. If they don't seem interested then maybe it is best to not bother.



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