OT If You Have A Pit Bull

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austinsmom - March 12

I work for Allstate and our company will not insure any homes that have a pit bull, chow, doberman, rockweiler, and any dog know to have ever bitten a person. This is from liability exposure and though the ins company is not saying that these dogs are "bad" these dogs have the ability to lock their jaws and have been proven to do more damage consistantly when they attack. That being said I will leave my ins personality behind and say that growing up my mom breed chows and I absolutely love that breed. I had the best red chow that was my pillow my horse and anything else. Love those dogs


rl- - March 12

I have a full bloodied red nosed pit bull terrier and he is the sweetest best dog he would not hurt anyone or any other dog heck we have two small dogs that live right next door and they are always digging under our fence and coming into our yard with my pit bull and he only plays with them but our dog is and in- door dog he is not kept out on a chain he is very much loved and spoiled and my ds climbs all over that dog the worst he has done is lick him in the mouth and ds has messed with his tail messed around with his eyes even stuck his little fingers in the dog's mouth and Brewster has never even looked at him mean. I have to say it is all in how you raise your dog I do not leave my ds unsupervised around either of our dogs we have an older boxer/pit mix and my 8yr old when he was only two grabbed that dogs ball while he was eating and that dog never even attempted to bite him as I said we care for our dogs and they are part of our family and yes I know that dogs are animales bottom line and I respect that. If you want to know the truth smaller dogs are the ones that mostly bite children but you only hear about the big dogs that bite because when they do they do more damage but it is rare pit bulls get picked on because it is the owners fault in the way they treat their dog they want them to be mean and fighters then one wonders why they act the way they do but if raised with love they are not mean horrid animales at all I have grown up with pits my whole life and never have been biten and neither has anyone in our family.


aurorabunny - March 12

RL I bet your red nose is gorgeous. =) You sound like a great, responsible owner...I wish there were more people like you. The thing I hate is that the media has created a lot of this ma__s hysteria. A few months ago there was a story EVERYWHERE, on CNN, all over about how a pit bull had chewed off a baby's toes. Well guess what? They investigated more and found out it was a FERRET that did it, not a dog at all. Also this happened while the child's parents were coming down from drugs and sleeping for almost 2 days straight. But I really had to dig to find that retraction, it sure wasn't publicized like the original story. I sure wish so many people didn't believe everything they hear on TV. =(


mosley12 - March 13

i know there can be good and bad dogs in every breed..my mom has a miniature dashound who is the snobbiest dog ive ever met. i love him to death but he's bitten me before because i walked behind him while he was eating a treat and thought i was gonna take it. when my brother was 10 and i was 13, we got in a huge fight about something or another, and he tackled me and was on top of me hitting me hard ( he's always been big. he's 17 now and 210 lbs and 6''3...he was 10.15 at birth!) and the dashound jumped up to bite him to protect me, and he had to get st_tces..that being said he can also be the sweetest dog in the world. like i said, i love my aunts pit but i dont trust him and im scared of chows simply because i was bit...my neighbor actually went today and got a husky puppy..she's adorable..does anyoen know anything about huskies?


jg - March 13

I'm in Australia and pit bulls are basically banned unless owners abide by very strict rules regarding fencing etc. Even so, we had an article in our local paper recently about two pit bulls that turned on their owner and her friend and put them both in hospital - the guy (and he was a BIG guy) lost an ear! This lady had had the dogs since they were puppies and they were four when they attacked. Never in a billion years would I let my child near a pit bull. HELL, I wouldn't go near a pit bull! Too volatile for my liking.


Kristin11 - March 13

austinsmom i am with you i love my chow. She is the calmest most well behaved dog i have ever owned. She could careless if my daughter tries to ride her or not, she just walks away when she has had enough, Shoot she had even tried to play with our cat lol.


rl- - March 13

to aurorabunny...yes my pit is a hansome one we have papers on him and so many have wanted me to let him breed with their female but we got him fixed just better for the dog and I don't want to get into breeding dogs but it is a shame we can't LOL...and as mosley 12 brought up about the dashounds well we have 2 that live next door and one of them bit my oldest son broke the skin and I even saw it bite one of the kids that lives there and my mean vicious pit bull has never bitten anyone LOL!!! I am sorry I love my dog and it does hurt to see how many hate them just cause of stuff they have heard.


mosley12 - March 15

well yesterday she got another puppy..a shiba inu..he's absolutely adorable..and she's happy, but i couldnt help but think about with as much as she spent on the husky puppy and the shiba inu puppy, just by spending a little more, she could have paid for her german shepards surgery, instead of putting her down. and the money was one reason she didnt think she could pay for the surgery


JenniferB - March 15

If she could find the money for a pure bred puppy, she could have taken care of the german shepherd. Animals are not disposable. I have a family member that gets cats and gets rid of them because she gets sick of them and gets another one a few months later. It drives me nuts.


mosley12 - March 15

well thats what i figured, bu it would have but it would have been atleast 2500, most likely closer to 4000, for the german shepards surgery. she got the husky for a really good price, 350, from a dealer, and got the shiba from a pet shop though, and paid 739. so after all the cost to buy them, and then the cost of all the vet bills and worming and getting them fixed when she needs to , it will be close to the 2500 mark or so. im actually getting ready to go get them and let them out..i promised to watch them, and i really dont want to right now cause im cramping from getting the iud, ds has a little cold, and my 2 dogs think they are play toys..lol.even though they are gentle with them. one is almost as big as my smalled dog


aurorabunny - March 15

Rl---that is wonderful that you decided not to breed your dog, there are enough homeless pit bulls suffering out there as it is. For every pit adopted from a shelter, 10 get put to sleep just from lack of having anywhere to go. Thus being why I am against breeding of any kind. It does hurt to hear how many people hate our babies though, doesn't it? Education and having my pits be "breed amba__sadors" are the only ways I know of to remedy all of the hate and fear. =( And Mosely, I just have to say that your neighbor sounds like the kind of person that shouldn't even be allowed to own a dog, IMO. Don't mean to be offensive, but it sounds like you probably think what she is doing is a shame as well.


rl- - March 15

good for you aurorabunny taking care of your pits and showing others they are really great dogs in fact the show "The little Rascules" the dog Petie was a pitbull most don't know that but he was great with those kids and very smart most pits are very smart just hard headed which I am sure you know already LOL...anyways we just have to hope that they don't get banned from ignorance ( :



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