OT Men Are Morons

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Ginny - June 26

Believe it or not, this isn't about my charming dh. Some of you may remember that I work the office in an auto service center and tire store, and I am the only female. I grew up around alot of guys, so I'm pretty good at holding my own - but today I don't know how much more I can stand. There is an advertising rep who visits from the local radio station, and she has incredibly large, incredibly fake br___ts. She was in here on the 16th, over a week ago, and they are still talking about it. They keep talking about how amazing she is, but she has no other assets besides the ones she paid for. She is actually very nice,so I have nothing against her. I am just so amazed and irritated that a pair of mammory glands can dazzle their simple minds for so long!!! I know this is an infant care forum - but I had no other girls to talk to!! Thanks for letting me vent!


ash2 - June 26

i understand what you mean.... i have noooo idea why that turns them on. its not like we babble over the size of one's p___s, or the cuteness of a b___t. although it kind of makes me wonder if my saggy b___bs, out of shape body, and post prego belly turns my hubby on anymore, and if he would be one to babble about perky b___bies !!! LOL


Narcissus - June 26

Good ole t_tties... they must be really starved for milk at home if she knocked them off their socks still, a week later. There was an article a while back about how "reps", mainly pharmaceutical reps, are usually good looking, ex-cheerleaders with huge b___sts. They make the most sales. Go figure! Show up for work with a huge set of falsies in, for a joke. Or is that not pc these days?


Narcissus - June 26

lol ash! you don't babble over a large c*ck and a nice set of b*lls? i'm always on the lookout for some. not...i am so filthy today. sorry. i will go wash my mouth out now. it's a lack of sleep and unhealthy diet.


Rabbits07 - June 26

OT? Since when are b___sts off topic on an infant care forum??? ;-D


Ginny - June 26

You guys crack me up! I hope the radio station paid for her b___bs, because they are seriously bringing in the business. The owner ended up buying a 2 hour slot of live broadcast from our store!! And Narcissus - don't blame it on sleep depr. - we know you're just a perve! LOL! I have a fairly large chest (especially now that I bf) - but they know better than to say things like that to me. They're such big talkers when it comes to b___sts, but the first time I announced I had to take a pump break, they were all flustered and wouldn't look me in the eye! Haha! Just a bunch of big babies.


Narcissus - June 26

Ginny, I bet they talk about your b___bies and you don't even know it. LMAO about the pumping comment!!! I can totally see it. When I had Aja, the pain clinic came to visit me to see what we could do about my chronic pain issue in my ears and the group had a few men in it. It was day 3 of my stay so I was used to everyone seeing my b___bs and watching me feed. They walked in and I don't think I have seen that look on too many doctors faces. I got the impression that they don't make regular visits to the maternity ward, lol!! I was nursing and they got a full look. Their embarra__sment made me uncomfortable.


Annette - June 26

WAAAAAAAA!!!!! WAAAAAAAA!!!!! I want someone to think I have nice b___bs again!! WAAAAAA!!!!!!


Rabbits07 - June 26

I remember right after I had one of my babies I was b___stfeeding and hadn't gained alot of weight otherwise, so on my small frame my b___sts were enormous; I went into a store to pay for my gas and the guy behind the counter never took his eyes off of my chest. I probably could've pumped $50 gas and given him a dollar for it and he would've never noticed!


Ginny - June 27

Hey, Annette- come to my job sometime - I PROMISE you'll be oggled! One day I was slow on laundry and had to wear a "little black dress" from my pre-preggy days to work, and they have NEVER been so nice to me - So Narcissus, you're probably right! They probably were talking about my b___bs that day. They probably thought, "Damn! I didn't know she was a woman!" I usually just wear blue jeans and a b___ton up shirt. Why should I dress up? I work at a freakin' tire store! Hey, Rabbits - I may need to try that trick on gas, I can barely afford to get to work. I never thought to work the girls for gas! LOL!


austinsmom - June 28

hey ginny...how did fathers day work out? I remember you were dissapointed in moms day and were'nt gonna do anything for hubby for dads day but I gave you an suggestion to be sweet as pie and see whatcha get......did you?


Ginny - June 28

I took your advice and I was REALLY sweet. His gift was a couple of months of one of those online movie rentals thing, and he couldn't stop talking about how much he didn't deserve it. He was so genuinely sorry that he had screwed up, he told me that he didn't even deserve a card. If I hadn't done anything or constantly reminded him of his faults, we would STILL be fighting about it ( I have a little trouble with my temper :0). So thanks for the advice!!



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