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Bonnie - February 25

Mason's eating habits are all over the place atthe moment. He usually eats between 5-6 oz. But sometimes will only eat 2-3 oz. I generally fill the bottles up with water ahead of time and then when he is hungry, I add the powder and shake it and he eats it room temp. I've tried making some smalelr bottles and then making more when he is hungry, but he gets so impatient and screams the house down. With the formula being room temp and made right then (and Neocate costing so much...over $1,000.00 per month!!), if he only eats a small amount, just how bad would it be to put it in the fridge and warm it up later if I put a new nipple on it?


ZacsMommy - February 25

What is Neocate? I have the same problem! Zac doesn't eat the same amt. each time. I put it in the fridge if it's more than 1 oz. I know I'm not supposed to but I hate to waste it. It is really that bad to do that? Also, another question...can you use a bottle after 1 hour at room temp.?


Bonnie - February 25

I've never used a bottle after 1 hour of room temp. I have not tried re-using formula as I know this is a no-no. But Neocate costs over $1,000.00 per month. It is one of those hypo-allergenic formulas...but this one goes beyonf Nutrimigen and Ailementum. It is specially ordered through pharmecies or medical supply companies and is made in the UK. I would normally not consider doing this, but this stuff is so crazy. I just wondered if anyone else does it and has ever had a problem. I figure as long as I am only refrigerating it once and use it within 8 hours it should not be that big of a deal.


YC - February 25

I would love to reuse as well because Kai does the same thing with her Nutramigen which is expensive but I was reading that the reason you are supposed to throw away an hour after the feeding starts is because germs/bacteria from their spit get in the formula as they drink. I will try to find the internet line where I was reading this. Bonnie, I will never complain about the price of Nutramigen again. I feel for you!!!


SonyaM - February 25

We did with our first son and never had any problems and we just recently started doing it with Mason. He usually eats the entire bottle, but lately he's been "snacking" and it is just too expensive to waste. I would never use a bottle that has been at room temp for more than one hour.


KrisD - February 25

Yikes - Well, I hate to admit it, but I have a personal limit of 1 hour 45 minutes... I figure that, sometimes, I have heated a bottle piping hot for a 1 hour car trip.... Fed it to him when we got there... he finished it up w/in 1 hour and 45 minutes. I have done that quite a few times and never have seen him have a negative reaction. But yes, I have wasted a lot of our soy formula... I feel like every bottle I throw in the sink has 2 ounces left in it!


Bonnie - February 25

Thanks. I'm sure this sin;t the safest thing to do, but this stuff is insanely expensive and very hard to get (special order from pharmecist). I think I will make the bottles like I have beenand if there is more than 2 ounces left I will refrigerate it and use it at the next feeding. I'm sure there is some risk with this with saliva getting in there, but I don't think it would be too bad if used by the next feeding and put in the fridge. I hate to take any risk, but then again, it's pricey to waste it.


Kaeli - February 26

I premix my sons formula in a large quant_ty and store it in the fridge. Its good for 48 hours that way. When he is hungry I just measure up how much I think he will eat, then warm it in the microwave. I know they say not to do that. But I only put it in for about 20 seconds which brings it to room temp. Then shake it to make sure there are no hot spots and of course check it one more time just to be sure! But it makes it easier for me to adjust to how much he wants to eat. Also, my ped told me they can actually have the bottle out for 2 hours before it should be thrown out. Not sure if that is just my brand (Enfamil Gentlease) or if that applies to formula in general. Good luck... and I must say... I would be pooooooooor if I had to use your formula! That is more than I pay for rent!!


Kaeli - February 26

Bonnie- I couldnt stop thinking of the price of the formula you have to use. I dont know what I would do if I had to use it. So I decided to find it cheaper! Not sure how you would feel about this, but I found this formula on Ebay for about half the price! Hope this helps you.. good luck!


YC - February 26

Bonnie I feel for you also. Are you and hubby able to afford this? There is no way I could do it...well actually when it comes to our babies I know we will do whatever we have to but that is so ridiculous that you should have to spend over $1000 a month to feed a child. I have asked around and looked a little. There is a website that sells a case (eight 14 oz cans powder) for $289. I am not sure how many cans you are using in a week but this may be a cheaper route. Hope this helps.


Bonnie - February 26

One can every 1-2 days depending on how much Mason eats. The cans are smaller than the Nutrimigen ones. It's nuts. We are working on getting insurance to pay for it but we have to do the fight thing to do so. Mason sees a GI specialist tomorrow so I am praying we won't have to continue with this formula. But I will do whatever works as I am just desperate to stop the crying. I had never even heard of reflux in babies before, I would never wish this on anyone. It's hard to even fathom a baby that does nothing but scream whenever he is awake and you can do nothing but hold him while he screams and flails for hours non-stop. It's more frustrating that the doctor has not been able to stop it (which seems common) and that the hospital does not consider this much pain an emergency. You think they could at least administer a good pain med or sleep medication to ease their pain. I'm praying the GI will do something tomorrow. I can't take much mroe of this. :(


Cheryl - February 26

Bonnie, please try Gripe Water for your baby's crying. Sounds to me like he definitely has colic which will pa__s in time but Gripe Water soothes their ga__sy tummies. Go to and find where you can buy it in your area or order it online. It's completely safe and very popular but not many people know about it here in the US. Trust me, it works. Sorry you're going thru this..


Bonnie - February 26

Thanks Cheryl. We've tried gripe water which does not work. He does not have colic either, this stuff makes colic look like a breeze. Colic generally is several hours of heavy crying periods, particularly at a certain time of day like the evening. Mason cries heavy non-stop every waking second. We generally have at least 2 7-10 hour stretches a day where it does not stop. It's purely pain related and he has actually been diagnosed with reflux from an upper GI he had done last week. As horrid as this all is, I should not complain too much. At least he eats. He comfort feeds himself and has put on a ton of weight (it's the only time he stops crying when awake). I have met women online who have babies with this problem and most babies do not eat well on it. I know a few that have to tube feed their babies. So whenever it gets unbearable (which is often) I try to think of them. Plus I have a specialist appointment tomorrow so maybe we can finally get on the right track and have a little relief. I just had to ask this question because of tehp rice of this special formula being so bad.


Cheryl - February 26

I feel so bad for you going thru this Bonnie..:( poor baby...I sure hope it gets better soon...((hugs)) to you both..


MJM - February 26

My son generally eats 6oz bottles. So every timet hat is what I make. Sometimes he does not finish it all and I throw it in the fridge. By the end of the day I usually ahve another 6oz bottle from his leftovers. I just keep adding it into the bottle in the fridge and cap it. Then I nuke it when it is full and that is his night time or morning bottle. I use the Kirkland brand formula and I still wont waste it. You can store it in the fridge for up to 24 hours. At room temp throw out anything that is left out for more then an hour. When we go some where I put the powder in a baggie and mix it with his water when he is ready, that way his bottle is fresh.


Zacks Mom - February 27

Bonnie, I asked the sames questions to the ped. before. Once the baby touches the milk, it is considered contaminated as the saliva will be in the milk. The longer the milk is left, the more the bacteria. You can make the milk in advance and store them in the fridge. Pour it into an extra bottle and set it aside next to a hot cup of water. When you think baby will drink more, heat up the cold bottle before baby the baby finish the first bottle.


Ca__sieSong - February 27

We asked our ped this too. She said that we could save "leftovers" in the fridge till the next feeding.. no longer than that. We don't have to do that though because Aria has become quite the piggy. lol. I used to hate throwing away anything 2oz or more though before... formula is so expensive... especially for those of you using the special stuff.



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