This Is So Sad In A Good Way

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Sarahsmommy - March 17

Ok, this is sad. The highlight of my day has been that Sarah pooped on her own. She's been having issues with this for the last 2 months and has been getting suppositories 2 times a week. Today by brother and I thought it smelled like she had pooped which is usually gas for her, got home and was getting ready to change her diaper and yeah she had pooped. I was so happy I thought I would share.


Sarahsmommy - March 17

Another thing to add to how sad my life is, is that I'm so excited because tomorrow the lollipop shop, which is a consignment shop is opening here. They are only open a week at a time a couple times a year. So mom and I are gonna try to be there when they open so we can get all the good stuff. I really need to get a life. *sigh*


TRP - March 17

Lol! I'm glad your dd can poopy on her own now! I don't think your life is sad! It sounds like you love you dd very much! Hope you "get all the good stuff" tomorrow! ;-)


jg - March 17

Sarahsmommy, congratulations on the poop. Read my thread about always being on here and you will soon see that you're not the only one who needs a life. I wish a lollipop shop was opening around here to brighten up my life......LOL


KrisD - March 17

Ha! Nothing like a good poop to brighten your day... I've been there!


karen - March 17

Oh do I ever know how you feel. Kodi went through that stage, IU actually jumped for joy. His liyyle expression was like "OK mommy is weird !"


karen - March 17

sorry for typos. Kodi was typing also


Annette - March 17

From "I need to get a life"-queen: Isn´t it great that we now can enjoy even the "simplest things of life"? (like, oh well... sh*t)


Shelly - March 17

HA HA!! You ladies are so funny!! BTW,I spend my time studying brands of diapers!! Like why does the pampers fit and the huggies don't!! I do need to get a life! : )


TinaMarie - March 18

I went through that!! Angelina wasn't going on her own. The doc had me start giving her prune juice every other day, and it worked like clock work!!! I was so happy! I called my Mother all excited, she laughed and told me to get a hobbie! lol!!



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