Today I Laughed Because

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luviduvi - March 7

Nerdy Girl, how funny! We were going to name our son Tanner but I have always loved the name Cole. My dh thought it was a good athletic name!!! One can never go wrong with the name Grace...............luv it


Mellissa - March 7

Today I laughed because when I walked into my mom's at lunch time I saw Diesel sleeping in his playpen, with his b___t up in the air. it was too cute!! p.s. Nergirl and Luviduvi: I wanted to name dd Grace, but chad didn't like it.. then he wanted to name ds Cole, but I didn't think it fit us. Pretty funny that so many people consider the same names like that! :)


Mellissa - March 7

sorry.. i meant Nerdy Girl. : x


Nerdy Girl - March 7

But luviduvi, just wait to see how much everyone else loves the name Grace too. My Grace is 4 and there is another Grace in her preschool cla__s and in her ballet cla__s as well. It's like how Jennifer was in the 70's. I have five really good friends from school named Jennifer, all born in '71.


Erin1979 - March 7

Last night I laughed because I heard someone talking at about 4 am. I got up and rushed to Cate's bedroom, and as I was about to open the door I hear "ELMO!" I opened the door, and there is my little bean talking in her Elmo of all things!! She's 18 made me laugh that Elmo is what she dreams about!


mandee25 - March 7

I laughed today because Noah likes it when I tickle his lips when he coos. It makes the cutest noise and makes him smile even wider. He is 15 weeks old.


krnj - March 7

Today I laughed when I was playing hide & seek with ds. He laughs & squeals when he looks for me. It's so funny!


AshleyB - March 8

Today I laughed because my ds who's 3 months was screaming bloody murder, it was his fake cry though and I just said what, you silly boy, and he stopped and gave me a grin and a giggle then went back to his fake crying and did it two more times. He's messing with us..... trying to see how many hoops we'll jump through >LOL! ERIN1979-- That is too cute!! Dreaming about Elmo!


eclipse - March 8

Today I laughed because my son thinks he is 8 months old, not less than 4 months, so is trying to walk and crawl already, and has mastered his b___t in the air, but not his face!!! We are trying to keep him from scooting around on his face, to no avail! LOL


AlissaF - March 8



sahmof3 - March 8

TIL because I told my daughter, "You're hair is getting to be the prettiest color!" (It's turning from blonde to strawberry blond... lots of red taking over, just like my oldest son's did). Anyway, she goes, "My hair's turning purple?" LOL Purple's her favorite so she just a__sume that that pretty color I was referring to MUST be purple ;-)


Nita_ - March 8

Today I laughed because as usual my dd woke up at 7am! and was pulling on the nose of my dh while he was snoring away! LOL!


CyndiG - March 8

Today I laughed at the dinner table. My dh and 8 year old dd were complaining that the hamburgers I had made were too thick and saying that daddy made them better. I said, well, daddy can fix them next time and you can both stick them in your ear. My dd said without missing a beat, no, we'll stick them in our mouth! LOL!


Wellis10 - March 8

Today I laughed when my lo looked up at me smiling, then all of a sudden with no warning it turned into a big cry...lip upside down and all. He decieded it was nap time.....and he wanted to stretch out in his bed. It was to funny.



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