Unusual Teething Pattern

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momma - November 25

my dd has been teething around 5 months and still nothing the last few nights she has been pretty crabby b4 she goes to bed but it doesnt seem to be any of her front teeth that are coming in it seems to be the teeth next to them has anyone ever heard of this or seen it? any advice would be apricated


Chelsey - November 25

My daughters first started coming in at 4 months. 2 were fulling emerged at 6 mos. The first teeth to come in was her Lower Central Incisors. Then it was her Upper Central Incisors at 8 months. She didn't get her Lateral Incisors (the teeth you're talking about) until 9 months! But I'm sure its not rare! Infact my 4 month old is starting to teeth, and it looks like his side teeth are coming in before his central teeth. (I'm looking at my daughters baby book, thats where I get the dental lingo from!)


Shelly - November 25

Chelsey,I was ALMOST impressed by your "dental lingo" LOL (j/k)


C - November 25

My son started teething at 4 months. He'll be 7 months next week. His bottom two came in first, then the one next to that, but only the one. Now the top two are about to come in. I thought it was weird he got 3 bottom teeth before any top. They'll all come in eventually. They have a "normal" pattern but nothing is wrong if they come in a different way.


-m - November 25

Momma, I was wondering the same thing. My daughter is almost 4 months and she's been showing signs of teething for a few weeks. I've been feeling her gums and I feel a bump on her upper gums but it's next to where the front teeth would be. I thought the front ones came in first though. She has a doctors apointment next week so I'll ask if it's a tooth coming in.


Lissi - November 26

Nadya has two little whitish bumps on her upper gum. My husband is convinced that her canine teeth will come through first, but I said it was unlikely. Now I'm not so sure. I hope they don't. She'll look like a baby vampire!


Jbear - November 26

My daughter's canine teeth are coming in first. I thought it was strange, because they're supposed to get the bottom front teeth first (my older girl did) but I was talking to a man at walmart who has a baby a month older than mine, and his baby is getting her canines too.



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