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sam - December 19

please help me. everytime i give my baby her bottle she screams and screams, she arches her back, thrashes about and holds her breath. after this she does a poo which makes a loud noise and is quite runny and then shes ok and will drink her milk. she does suffer with colic but has colief drops in her milk. people have suggested changing her formula but i wanted to know why she does this before doing a poo. its only been the last week. shes 6 weeks old.


Rachael mommy2lucas - December 19

When that happened my son had acid reflux and was allergic to his formula. We got him on zantac and changed his formula. He had colic too, but a lot of the symptoms got better with the zantac and formula change. I would definitely call your doc and have them take a look. My son has not had a poop like that since we changed formulas. He was on soy fromula and he was allergic, so now we are on alimentum, it is hypoallergenic and easier for baby to break down.


mama-beans - December 19

My DD did this. basically, for her, eating stimulated pooing. When it was time to eat, it was also time to poo, and her body was still so new and sensative, she REALLY didn't like the feeling of the poo in her belly, moving around her insides, the pressure on her colon, etc. She just hated pooing. By the time she was 12 weeks old, she was mostly over it. She was b___stfed, so it wasn't a formula issue ( although trying Soy for a while might help) it was just that she was very uncomfortable with the whole poo process so fought it.


amanda.d - December 19

my son did this and we found that he was lactose intolerance. After changing his formula he was a whole new happy baby. But we went through seven weeks of hell first before finding this out. Ask your doctor. It also may be that like mama-beans said too it could be sensitivity to pooing.


lisa - December 19

why not try gripe water instead of colic drops, my girl does this and i give er warm boiled water wth gripe water she loves it and settles er helping her to poo


Katie - December 19

My daughter was so fussy between 2 and 6 weeks old.She also cried during poo and arched her back and cried during feedins,but I swithed her to soy and with in a few days she was a new baby!!! She is still fussy at times but for other reasons its nice to know that she is not in pain anymore.


The real Lissi - December 19

My daughter used to act like she was in pain too, when she was pooing. Feeding used to set her off too, still does actually. When she poos, it's all she can concentrate on, and I have to wait til she's finished to continue the feed. She was also b___stfed til now, so it wasn't a formula problem.


Jamie - December 19

I think it's actually pretty normal...she's still learning how to poo, and learning to work the muscles. At least, that's how it was explained to me when my girl went through it.



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