What Activities Does A 4 Month Like

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emilysmommy - June 1

Since my dd is now 4 months old she is not liking her bouncer or her playtime on her back as much as she did and I was wondering what your babies liked doing when they were 4 months old. We just put together her exersaucer but she still seems a bit small for it. Is she too young for the johnny jumper? Thanks.:)


Shea - June 1

I don't have the johnny jumper, but my son loves his exersaucer, and is still small for it, but we stuff in some blankets around him. As long as she has good head control, it should be fine. Also, my son has been getting bored with his same hanging toys, so we got a set of those link together rings and hang with the other toys - he loves them and they are low enough for him to grab and chew on, which he likes to do alot now. He also is starting to like his Baby Einstein soft blocks...he picks them up with his feet, it's so cute!


AmandaManns - June 1

My son has a jumperoo which is the newest version of the johnny jumper. We purchased it at walmart for like 60 dollars I think. He LOVES it. We purchased it when he was 3 months old and now at 5 1/2 months he still loves it. He also has the fish bowl aquarium from fisher price and it has 3 little b___s in it and he loves that too.


Bonnie - June 1

I think the exersaucer is better if they are younger. Masonis also 4 months and Iput him in it everyday. He is likingit more and more but is still very limited as well. We also have 2 floor gyms that he LOVES!!! Fins the ones that they can kicks. FP has an aquarium one with a b__w up ball that jingles when they kick it. Mason just loves kicking that ball! Also, we just bought another one that has a steering wheel type thing on it (FP as well I believe). he kicks it and it lights up and has a roller that spins. When he is able to sit up it converts to a sitting one.



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