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Mrs.Ireland - March 19 2:56pm

The only thing I worry about is that she doesn't have any teeth yet.

britt_m - March 19 3:38pm

My dd has just started getting teeth shes 9 1/2 months. You can start adding more texture and eventually soft lumps. My dd has been eating cheerios for breakfast for a couple months now. I started with one at a time to make sure she would chew then just put some on her high chair.

rohan - May 6 2:30am

When my lo turned 8 months - he had been off cereal for 2 months he wouldn't take it anymore. He would eat only if he could pick it up himself. I stuggled to feed him till I got some moms on this blog to rightfully direct me to finger foods. He would eat these things on his own- pears, sausages, cheese sticks, baby mum-mum, asparagus sticks, avocado slices. Basically, anything that was soft and he could bite with his gums. sausages I boiled so that they were soft and I took off the top layer which is hard to chew. He would hold it and bite pieces from it. If the took a big bite he would just throw it out. Of course when eve he fed himself I watched him for any big pieces he might try to chew on.
asparagus I would boil aswell to make it soft to eat with gums.
Now he is 9 months and he eats what we eat. He gets so bored with a dish that I have to keep cooking new stuff.

liz - March 4 3:38pm

be careful feeding bananas to babies as they can leave them constipated


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