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tallgirl - January 15 7:09pm

Ok, I am new to the thread and I don't understand why the accrunum (sp?) for husbands is dh and for son's ds and daughters dd? Why the D What does that stand for? Anything at all or is it just something someone made up that everyone uses. Its probably a simple answer but for the life of me I can't think what it is? lol Sorry I feel stupid but its driving me crazy!!

Deirdra - January 15 7:18pm


ConnorsMommy - January 15 8:03pm

or darling =)

tallgirl - January 15 8:52pm

lol ok at first I only saw it in concetion with husbands so I was thinking daddy/husband which in my mind is a repeat but maked sense, then I saw it in conection with son and I was like ???? thank you.

AmyJenell - January 15 9:36pm

Wow...I am so glad that you asked that. I have been on here since the beginning of my pregnancy (had my baby last monday) and I never knew either. I a__sumed it meant something like darling, but was never sure and never wanted to ask. So thanks for asking and being more brave than I am.

aurorabunny - January 15 9:56pm

Or d__n husband...or dumb husband...depending on the day...LOL.

Emily - January 16 8:51am

ha, ha, a lady I chat with alot says her dh got on here and was mad cause she was upset with him at the time and he thought it ment d* she had to explain to him that it didn't but would if he didnt' quite acting like one......

sahmof3 - January 16 10:01am

Also, just thought I'd add (because this confused me for awhile) that bf can be best friend, boyfriend or b___stfed... which led to some funny reading before I figured that out ;-)

Emily - January 16 2:06pm

Yes sahm, I was reading a oost of a woman I knew had a husband and she kept refering to her bf, and I was thinking you have a boyfriend????? Duh on me!

ash2 - January 16 4:21pm

Dearest husband, Dearest daughter, Dearest son

NVgirl - January 17 7:10pm

TALLGIRL: Here is a webpage full of Acronyms and Abbreviations that are used on Pregnancy forums •••• Hope this helps you out.


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