What Should I Be Feeding My 13 Month Old Boy

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donnaandkai - January 14

He only has 4 teeth but is very fussy at what he eats, at the moment it is still jar food with a few lumps, is this normal of should he me eating the same as us.


amyh - January 14

My 11 month old doesn't have a single tooth, but we started with finger foods this past week because I was basically bored. She LOVES it. I can't stress how happy she is to get some chunks to pick up and eat. I still do them pretty small, but I am getting more and more comfortable with it and so is she. I would just do what you feel the most comfortable with. I think the longer you can watch his diet (up to 12 months)- the better it is for detering future allergies...or so the midwives are telling me!


Nerdy Girl - January 14

My 13 month eats chopped up versions of our table food, yogurt, still some jar foods, finger foods like waffles and pancakes, crackers, bananas. etc. But he has 12 teeth already with 2 more coming thru now this week. I also make him some food from a great baby/kids cookbook I have. My older child was off jars by 11 months, but my friend has an 18 month old who still eats some jarred food because he won't eat veggies any other way. I think every baby is different so just do what's working for you.


ren05 - January 14

hi, ms ds is almost 12 months old. he eats bread,toast,bananas,yoghurt,cheese,avocado,chicken,lamb,pasta & most other fruits & vegtables.he also has 4 teeth.i started out with tiny pieces of toast until he was comfortable with that & moved on.i also am still blending his veggies cause he hates lumps but is great with finger foods.i recomend start of with small bits of food that can easily be mushed up with the gums or something that dissolves fast.it is very scary at first but with time you with be at ease with it.goodluck



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