Why Does She Strain So Much

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chrissi79 - March 8

The past few days my dd has seemed like she's in pain or discomfort when she's trying to take a poop. She's br___tfed, so I'm wondering if maybe I ate something a couple days ago that irritated her?? But I really haven't had anything out of the ordinary that I haven't eaten with her before?? She was up the entire night last night constantly straining or pushing like she had to go to the bathroom...to no relief after feeding her, burping her...and even when she went to the bathroom eventually.. I felt so bad for her and there was nothing I could do to ease her discomfort it seemed. Maybe she was just having a bad night?? the night before I was so happy b/c she slept from 9 - 2am and then went down for at least 3 hours btw feedings after that...so I was excited!! lol...do you think we were just having a bad night? I guess its to be expected...she's 5 and a half weeks old only. Is there anything that will help her if she's constipated though because I br___tfeed her??? Thanks ladies :)


piratesmermaid - March 8

When she did poopy, was it firm? Or is she going through all this trouble for a normal soft poop? It also may have been something you ate. Do you remember what you had that day/night bef0re?


ssmith - March 8

As far as I know....b___stfed babies cannot get constipated. I think it's perfectly natural for babies to strain when they poop. I talked to my Dr and he explained it to me in a way that made perfect sense.....he said that babies have trouble with learning the "mechanics" of pooping. If you think about it, you push and tighten your stomach muscles.... BUT, you also have to relax your bum. He said that babies naturally clench up, and tighten their bums too....actually trying to "push poop out through a closed door." They will figure it out eventually.... I'm almost positive she's not constipated though.....it isn't possible. Try not to worry. Bicycling their legs, or bringing her knees to her chest and rotating in circles helps with gas etc.


piratesmermaid - March 8

Haha, ssmith, "trying to poop through a closed door!" LOL. Makes perfect sense though, what you and your doc said.


chrissi79 - March 8

lol - I love that a___logy!! ok, thanks ladies...I didn't think she could get constipated really being bf - doesn't make sense...i'm thinking the chili that my hubby made tuesday night might be the culprit...was a little spicy...more than usual. I'll try the bycicling and leg pushes that makes sense. She's ok so far today, but yeah still with the red faced pushing! Just felt so bad for her last night, like I couldn't do anything for her :( I hate that feeling as a mom! Also she was eating constantly last night too, like almost every hour it seemed. My other thought is that she could be entering into a growth spurt, I think those happen in and around 6weeks too??



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