100 Effaced 1 Cm Dilated

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DanielleO - August 30

I am 39 weeks and 2 days, just wondering if being 100% effaced means that it will be right around the corner? or if i need to be more dilated. I mean, i have heard of other ladies on here being like 4 cm dilated but 50% effaced? im kinda confused about the effacing issue. Anyone have any sort of information on this? Thanks ladies. Hope I'm going into labor soon. Oh, also, When you start having regular contractions, that are five mins apart, do they have to be painful contractions before you can go to the hospital? or what? can they just feel like regular braxton hicks? Pregnancy is so confusing. ARG!


Smilefull - August 30

effacing is how THICK the lining of the uterus is around the cervix. it thins as you get closer to labour...100% means it's as thin as it's going to get. Technically if they're 5 minutes apart, 1 min long for 1 hour you can go in--but be prepared to be sent home after they check you. It's really up to your personal circ_mstance (how far away you live from hospital, how long laboured during previous pregnancies, complications etc.) but personally I'm going to wait till my body is giving me a bright neon sign that it's time---because it's very confusing and very ambigious---and frankly, I'm tired of getting sent home by the hospital (:


DanielleO - August 30

Thanks Smilefull,
I did alot of housework today, running around and such, I have been getting a ton of braxton hicks, or what feel like braxton hicks, and they are near 5 mins apart but they dont last for a minute. This is driving me insane. lol, I think I will wait as long as I can before going into the hospital. I dont want to be sent home because that would be dissapointing. This is my first time being pregnant so I cant compare to other pregnancies. :( Well, good luck with your labor, hope everything goes great for you.


Smilefull - August 30

ha! sounds like the nesting instinct hit---that's a sign!!! also, if you do a lot of physical stuff during the day it tends to bring on the contractions--Braxton or real I guess. Yeah the ambiguity of wether this is it or not is just sooooo frustrating. I wish you best of luck! Keep us updated!



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