33 Weeks Pregnant And Want To Start Labour Naturally

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peanut261978 - May 12

i am a mom of 3 and im on number 4 i lost his twin at 7 weeks i have only one fetus left .i am now 33 weeks 2 days and due only june.but this baby is massive they say and want to take him out on june 9th at 37 weeks.but i want to have him va___ally cause this is my last baby.how can i induce my labour naturally at home?i heard of raspberry tea leaf where can i buy that?and does primrose oil do anything ? can someone help me.i tryed castor oil and i cant do it its nasty.thanks.


yungmama - May 12

right now is too early to try and make yourself go into labor. Remember your baby has to be ready to come into the world.


Been There - May 12

I understand you want that experience, but did the doctor say they would give a c-section or induce. I don't see why they wouldn't induce you first. You have every right to say you'd prefer to be induced, not cut. Also, you don't want to endanger the baby just for your own experience. You'll feel bad about it and not forgive yourself if something goes wrong. So work with the doctor, just ask for induction, not a c-section. Please wait until at least 37 weeks so that your child's health is as good as can be before he's born. It's only 4 weeks. You can do it.



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