Breast Milk Coming In Is This A Sign Labour May Start Soon

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Tamara - March 21

I am 38 weeks and today I noticed that I am starting to lactate. Is this a sign that my baby may come early?


valerie - March 21

No, I have been leaking colostrum(the first milk) since I was 20 wks, and I'm now 36 wks 3 days, and still leaking it. Your real milk won't come in until a few days after you have your baby.


Erin1979 - March 21

Sorry....I leaked from about 16 weeks. My dd came 4 days early. It's a good thing that you have lots of colostrum if you are planning to bf. Lots of calories for your little one unti your milk comes in!!!


Tamara - March 22

Thanks Ladies!! Good luck to you both FAST EASY BIRTHS TO YOU BOTH!!


Jilloh - March 26

Yeah I am in the same boat as valerie and erin...i have been leaking for some time now, but it has in the past few days picked up the pace or so I thought. I realized this morning it was becuse I was squashing my b___b while laying on my side. My shirt had a couple wet spots, its kinda funny! 39weeks 2days, only 5 days til the due date



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