Can You Feel Yourself Dilate

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cristina1212 - January 17

I went in for my 32 week appt and was 1 1/2cm dilated and no effacement. A week later, I am feeling alot of pressure and almost pain in my cervix area like someone took their foot and jammed it up there. It also feels very sore like I've had alot of s_x or something (but haven't had any). Does anyone know if I could possibly be feeling myself dilate? It hurts to walk, sit or do anything and is almost bringing me to tears. My doctor said I could come in and get checked, but I already feel like I've been checked multiple times! Thanks for any help!



Lala - January 17

I was feeling that same thing last night, and this morning the soreness on the outside too. I am 38 weeks, and will be checked this morning when I see the doc. We are hoping on some progress. I will let you know. As for you, just call the doc. You don't want to risk a 32 weeker, if you don't have to! Trust me! Take care!


mbud24 - January 17

I've been feeling this way for weeks and I think it's just the baby's head getting into position. It's painful I can totally understand where you're coming from.


Tammy276 - January 17

No, you cannot feel yourself dialate.


cristina1212 - January 17

I know it sounds kinda dumb to maybe feel yourself dialating, but I've heard of some women saying that they did. I hope that's not the case, though. It sounds more reasonable that it is just the baby moving down. Everyone thinks she is going to come early. I hope I make it till at least 36 weeks! Thanks for all the replys. I appreciate it!


Lala - January 17

Well, the doc checked my cervix and the baby has not come down anymore on the station and I have not dialated any more! So much for that idea! Take care!



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