Does Blue Amp Black Cohosh Realy Work

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third.time.mamma - August 21

Has anyone tried this before and does it work?
How much do you take? How long does it take to work?


lagunakissyface - August 23

i was wondering the same thing!! im due today/tomorrow (the 23rd) and i'm starting to be on edge. crying all the time, being uncomfortable, running to the hospital for false alarms..its driving me crazy!! im willing to take anything that'll speed up this ending process.


Smilefull - August 25

I tried it after doing as much research as I can online. There's a few warnings about it 1.) blood pressure will go up (Could endanger you and the baby) and there's been a case where the baby had serious complications.
Well I got some. From one site the dosage was 500g every half an hour till labour sets in. I tried it. They usually come in 40g pills so that's a lot of pills to swallow and it made me feel like a pill guzzler.
Contractions did seem to come on, especially while doing other things that were pro-labour, especially walking. After awhile it all settled down again.
So, my conclusion, is yes and no, it'll probably start up contractions, but if you're body/baby is not ready you're just putting yourself into false labour that goes nowhere.
Good luck though!


alirsgirl4l - August 28

has anyone ever tried the drops there are some that contain alchol and some that dont obviously i am guessing the right ones would be the ones that are alcohol free right????? well if anyone has do these work or does anyone know anything about them



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