Feeling Like I M Going To Pass Out

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mommyof3.5 - April 11

For several wks I have been feeling like I'm going to pass out with no apparent explanation. This will happen while I'm lying down, sitting down, walking, etc. My doctor doesn't really seem worried about this, until now its also associated with contractions. I get a very warm feeling and my hands tingle and it feels like I'm just going to pass out with sometimes lip tingling. I'm now 37 wks preg 3 days and don't know what to do. The neurologist didn't find anything going on, but I'm very concerned about what could be going on. As a nurse, I know that sometimes the doc may not have answers...


LeighOH - April 12

Could it be something as simple as being dehydrated, I felt that once while sitting down not moving at all, I had my blood pressure cuff right next to me (im also in nursing and check it periodically out of curiosity) so I took my blood pressure and pulse and they were bp 90/50 and pulse 130. I drank some water and I think I was dehydrated b/c it also seemed to give me a headache and then after continuing to drink water that went away also. Just an idea.


mommyof3.5 - April 12

Actally, they did ortho bps, which were normal, I usually am adequately hydrated. Even when I was hospitalized for preterm labor and receiving ivfs, I still had the same sensations. I was wondering if the baby could be laying on my descending aorta or something? Its scary. It's not really dizziness either, I actually have a weird sensation and feel a heaviness in my belly.



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