For All Those Who Had Sex And Went Into Labor

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Deanna - August 1

what position were you doing it in....not to ask such a detaild question but bf and i have been having s_x and get nothing at all....i know i am ready to go but maybe we are doing it


T. - August 1

Hi there. I'm on my 40th week right now and no labor yet. I just wanted to say that when I was around 36 weeks, I started dilating and effacing because I had a few pretty strong contractions, which I believe were caused by me having s_x with my hubby. Anyway, we haven't done it since then because I lost my mucous plug and plus there is way too much pressure in there for it to be bareable for me! Anyway, we did it missionary style because that's the only way it didn't hurt me at the time, and it caused contractions for me. I don't if that way would work for you, but good luck anyway! =)


momof4 - August 2

lol, it has more to do with the "science" behind it than the actual position. :) What my hubby and I consider "good" preggy s_x has lots of nipple stimulation and he works to make sure my orgasim is strong. The orgasim causes contractions along with the nipple stim. The sperm has a naturally occuring chemical in it that softens the cervix. I have always been told by my Dr. to do it whatever way is most comfortable to you, and I know that it can become a chore late in pregnancy, but do it often as possible for best results. - August 5

momof4 is right -- it's how it feels, not the position. Gotta feel good to work. Need nipple stimulation and orgasm to make that uterus contract.


T. - August 7

Something in s____n called prostaglandin softens the cervix and causes contractions. You don't necessarily have to have an orgasm to cause contractions, but that does help too. For me, I didn't have an orgasm when s_x caused me to have a few contractions. Just my hubby's s____n. Anyway, good luck!



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