Has Anyone Been Losing Weight And Still Pregnant

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Crystal - November 16

Does this mean that it is very close? This is my third child and haven't lost weight while still pregnant before.


nadine d - November 25

I am 124 weeks pregnant. I put on 4 pounds during this time and have lost it again. Whats more my stomach has flattened. Had scan last week - all okay. Just one of those things I think. PS lots of women bloat in the first and second trimester it could just be that you are losing some of that water retention. PPS you tend to eat different things when pregnant and not drinking alcohol must be of some use.


nadine d - November 25

that should be 14 weeks pregnant - i'm not an elephant!!!


Steph - November 25

I lost weight with my first daughter and I am feeling the same way with this one...I'm only 7weeks right now and this is when it started happening last time.


C - November 25

I lost weight the last week but I was retaining water due to bp being high. I did read weight loss is a sign that you are close. That's if you aren't doing something different w/ your diet.


Crystal - November 25

I am very close....38 weeks. I lost 3 pounds in between week 36 and 37 and this week I stayed the exact same weight. I am not doing anything different with my diet. Infact, I thought I was eating more. Hope it's soon though


Chris - December 1

I lost one lb the week before I had my first baby.


Selena - December 2

This is my first pregnancy and I actually lost 17bs in the first 5 months. I was slightly over weight to start with but not that much. Now I am 35 week and been having signs of preterm labor including losing 3lbs in four days at my last doctors visit. All total I am still 5lbs less now than my pre pregnancy weight. I also just had a sonogram with a bbp yesterday and the baby looks great. Her estimated weight is 5lbs 6ozs.



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